Windows Operating System Fundamentals provides students with fundamental operating system configuration and administration concepts. Students who complete this course will have reviewed all of the exam objectives and be on their way to preparing for Microsoft Technology Associate Exam #98‐ This course offers complete preparation for the Microsoft exam Windows Operating System Fundamentals. The exam tracks to the Microsoft Technology. DRM-Free Video Downloads. Purchase and immediately download individual lessons from this video. Make your lesson selections below and.


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Exam 98-349: Windows Operating System Fundamentals

In this module, windows os fundamentals continue our trend in looking at Windows 10 security, but we also throw in some storage subsystem. You always have to remember the four major subsystems of the computer, which are compute, that's CPU and RAM; network; and storage.


So I guess there's three subsystems. Anyway, we're going to look at storage by examining the Windows supported file systems, which one you'd choose, when, and why; then BitLocker Drive Encryption, which windows os fundamentals super-important now more than windows os fundamentals before to keep your disks protected against unauthorized access and theft; Encrypting File System, EFS; this is an inbox file encryption method; and then Offline Files.

So this is largely a business module, and that makes sense because this course is intended primarily at the business user.

Microsoft Operating System Fundamentals

Nonetheless, I submit that just about everything in this module is relevant to even the consumer Windows 10 professional. Windows 10 file systems.


For historical perspective, let's take you back to and the Windows NT 3. This was a relatively short-lived version of Windows.

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And this is a tool called Disk Administrator where you can see up on top physical disk devices and their various configurations.

The bottom shows another tool, Performance Monitor, but I wanted to draw your attention to Disk Administrator because all these many years windows os fundamentals in windows os fundamentals, we still use the Disk Administrator to manage local disks.

And the interface is largely unchanged from what it used to be. Kudos to you, Microsoft, for that.

Exam Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Windows 10 File Sharing Hi there and welcome to Pluralsight. My name is Tim Warner, and this module is titled Windows 10 File sharing.

I have three touchpoints, or learning objectives, for us in this module. The first is to understand the often misunderstood, or perhaps even more often than that, ignored feature windows os fundamentals the library.

Microsoft Windows Operating System Fundamentals LiveLessons (Video Training), Downloadable Video

This is a really cool feature that I have to confess myself that I've ignored for far too long. Windows os fundamentals then briefly look at HomeGroup, what it is, and what is Microsoft's vision for this service.

But we'll spend the majority of our time with a solid business use case, and that is Server Message Block, or SMB file sharing. Let's get right to it.

Exam Windows Operating System Fundamentals - Wikiversity

Windows 10 Printer Windows os fundamentals Hey there, what's up? How are you doing? Tim Warner windows os fundamentals, welcoming you to the module entitled Windows 10 Printer Sharing. I hope that you're just coming out of the previous module in which we discussed various methods for file sharing in Windows Today we'll look at the printing subsystem, beginning with local printing, that is printing to a locally attached print device.

We'll then turn our attention to network printing, certainly the standard in a business environment, and finally we'll wrap up with what I call special-purpose printing, like print to file and internet printing.

Printing is considered by some to be a fairly mundane topic, but I think that I can make it interesting for you.

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