Does anyone know which version of M&M the Wild Cards campaign Everything I've seen online just says 'Mutants and Masterminds', but. Wild Cards (PDF) A Mutants & Masterminds Campaign Setting Author: John Jos. Miller Format: page, full color, fully-bookmarked PDF distilled from source. Now players of Mutants & Masterminds can make the world of Wild Cards their own in this all-new sourcebook by Wild Cards author John Jos.


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On this reroll numbers under 11 have ten added to them, resulting in a range ofand a very slim chance of failing.


A player may also use a hero point to ignore fatigue, allowing them to use temporary feats without the negative effects of fatigue that normally occur with such feat usage. Hero points are generally awarded to a player by wildcards mutants and masterminds gamemaster when something bad befalls the character, such as the villain escaping without them having a chance of stopping him.

This is particularly encouraged if the bad thing in question is something related to one of their disadvantages, and many disadvantages provide no other benefit aside from acting as a source of hero points.

Settings published for the game include: This setting, from Arbor Productions purchased by Daring Entertainment in and re-released under the title "Dawn of Legends" with several wildcards mutants and masterminds rules and character optionsdetails a world where super-beings called "Neos" have wildcards mutants and masterminds publicly since World War II.

Autumn Arbor takes place in a world where the laws and legal systems have evolved to handle the often ignored nuances of the comic book genre, and where the characters are depicted as real people beneath the costumes and powers, often with real-life issues such as parenting and addiction.

The setting is also supported by a novel line; the first of which, Little Girl Lost, was written by Lee F. The role of the federal government and the legal system in dealing with "Neos" is also given in greater depth.

Designed by James Thomson for Plain Brown Wrapper Games, the setting harkens back to the Iron Age of Comics, with more mature-themed characters, situations, and scenarios. Bedlam is a deeply troubled metropolis, riven by economic hardship, corruption, and dark occult activities.

While much of the setting details street-level heroes and villains, more powerful wildcards mutants and masterminds characters also exist within the city.

Mutants & Masterminds Wild Cards - All-In Sourcebook - SuperHero RPG Wild Cards

Player character heroes may chose to play to type as ruthless vigilantes or defy the genre by becoming role-models for Bedlam's wildcards mutants and masterminds populance.

A four-color, city-based setting by Steve Kenson that is filled with elements that are similar to the great icons and concepts of classic comic books.

Published by BlackWyrm Games, this hefty third party setting presents a campaign world wildcards mutants and masterminds superhumans "gestalts" first appeared in with powers matching classical archetypes.

If you need more time please let me know and we can work out a payment time. If an item is sold as new and is opened I will not accept the return.


If you choose to do so I will bring legal action against you in small claims court for your state. In fact, this last section is where the book distinguishes itself.

The Tin Lizard Comic Art Archives

Miller has invested tremendous wildcards mutants and masterminds and insight in how gamers can make this world their own. Nearly every model of gameplay has something interesting to offer, and roleplayers especially those who are ready to move out of four-color comic book adventure are going to find this an answer to their needs.

The sourcebook adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Miller's research is exhaustive and extraordinarily illuminating--I thought I was pretty well-versed in Wild Cards lore, but the amount I relearned in reading the sourcebook was astounding.

Miller's scholarship goes above and beyond; this is not just a terrific game wildcards mutants and masterminds, it's pretty much required reading for any Wild Cards fan.

Wild Cards: Aces & Jokers - A Mutants & Masterminds Sourcebook by John J. Miller

Miller has done a top-notch job of making the world easy to grasp and game. Roleplayers eager to find or rediscover this terrific SF world--and set their own adventures in this rough-and-ready superhuman world--should buy this book.


Twelve volumes were published by Bantam from throughand three by Baen Books from to After a wildcards mutants and masterminds hiatus, iBooks revived the series inreprinting six of the original Bantam titles and adding two new volumes before going into bankruptcy.

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