Westminster Theological Journal is a conservative, evangelical theological journal published by Westminster Theological Seminary and edited by Vern. How is Westminster Theological Journal (est. ) abbreviated? WTJ stands for Westminster Theological Journal (est. ). WTJ is defined as Westminster. More Details. Material Type: EJOURNALS; Description: volumes 24 cm; Frequency: Semiannual, ; Former Frequency: Semiannual, / 3 no.


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By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number. If you want to force a particular order, use the character to westminster theological journal the number and the descriptor.

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So, " 0 prequel " sorts by 0 under the label "prequel. The English versions of verse 6 convey the impression that there was an ample watering of the earth during the westminster theological journal time which verse 5 describes.

If that were so, the explanatory statement of verse 5, "for the Lord God had not caused it to rain upon the earth", would be stranded as an irrelevance.


Actually, verse 6 reports the emergence of a new natural phenomenon, the necessary westminster theological journal to the creation of the florae described in verse 5a. Verse 7 then records the creation of man. With adequate natural irrigation already available, the mere preservation of vegetation does not require man's husbandry.

Westminster Theological Journal

But its full horticultural exploitation does. Besides, the mention of man at this point need westminster theological journal be accounted for solely in terms of his services to the vegetable kingdom for he was not made for it but it for him.

It is now to be demonstrated that those who adopt the traditional approaches cannot successfully integrate this revelation with Genesis 1 as they interpret it. In contradiction to Gen.

To take just one westminster theological journal, it was the work of the "third day" that the waters should be gathered together into seas and that the dry land should appear and be covered with vegetation Gen.


All this according to the theory in westminster theological journal transpired within twenty-four hours. But continents just emerged from under the seas do not become thirsty land as fast as that by the ordinary process of evaporation.

And yet according to the principle revealed in Gen. The results, indeed, approach the ludicrous when it is attempted to synchronize Gen. On that interpretation, vegetation was created on what westminster theological journal may call "Tuesday".

Theological Journal: Westminster Theological Journal (Volumes 1-74) (1938-2012)

Therefore, the vegetationless situation described in Gen. Neither can it be located earlier than that for Gen. Besides, would it not have been droll to attribute the lack of vegetation to the lack of water either on "Sunday" when the earth itself was quite unfashioned or on "Monday" when there was nothing but water to be seen?

Hence the twenty-four-hour day theorist must think of the Almighty as hesitant to put in the plants on "Tuesday" morning because it would westminster theological journal rain until later westminster theological journal the day!

Theological Journal: Westminster Theological Journal (Volumes )

It must of course be supposed that westminster theological journal did rain, or at least that some supply of water was provided, before "Tuesday" was over, for by the end of the day the earth was abounding with that vegetation which according to Gen.

How can a westminster theological journal exegete fail to see that such a reconstruction of a "Tuesday morning" in a literal creation week is completely foreign to the historical perspectives of Gen.

It is a strange blindness that questions the orthodoxy of all who reject the traditional twenty-four-hour day theory when the truth is that endorsement of that theory is incompatible with belief in the self-consistency of the Scriptures. But any strictly westminster theological journal interpretation of Genesis 1, even if the "days" are regarded as westminster theological journal, forces the exegete inescapably into conflict with the principle disclosed in Gen.

The traditional day-age theorist must, for example, imagine that during the creation era plants and trees flourished on the face of an earth spinning alone through westminster theological journal sunless, moonless, starless void. Now it will be recognized that that is not ordinary botanical procedure--and yet Gen.

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