Molusco contagioso y SIDA [AIDS and Molluscum Contagiosum]. benigna de la piel ocasionada por el virus del molusco contagioso (VMC) perteneciente a la. Molusco contagioso P.K. GruptaMicrobiology, inflammation and viral infections . J.L. López EstebaranzEpidemiología y estructura molecular del virus. Resumen El molusco contagioso (MC) es una virosis cutánea, a veces desfigurante, no rara en los pacientes con síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida.


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In addition, KOH may be a valid and less expensive alternative to current invasive treatments surgical excision. The symptoms are the appearance of pearly, usually umbilicated papulae.

The lesions are completely asymptomatic and can affect any part of the body, usually affecting the thorax or lower extremities. They usually appear asymmetrically in previously injured zones wounds or atopic dermatitis.

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Transmission requires direct contact with the infected host or contaminated fomites. MC frequently affects children using community swimming pools or siblings using the same washing sponges or towels [ 1 - 5 ].

The period of incubation usually oscillates between three and twelve weeks. Clinical diagnosis is based on the detection of the characteristic appearance of lesions.


Differential diagnosis includes folliculitis, follicular hyperkeratosis, viral verrucas and insect bites. Lesions cause intense feelings of embarrassment not only to parents but also to children, which sometimes result in school absenteeism and curtailed activities.

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The natural history of MC is spontaneous regression within six to eighteen months. However, because it is highly contagious, new lesions from the incubating virus may appear later. There is considerable debate as to whether it is necessary to treat the infection.

The aesthetic or virus del molusco contagioso effects of treatment need to be evaluated, as well the ease of transmission of the virus.

Treatment consists of different methods to destroy infected tissue together with the virus. virus del molusco contagioso

American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Sincesome studies have been published that satisfactorily tested the use of potassium hydroxide KOH [ 2virus del molusco contagioso - 9 ] in different concentrations, and imiquimod [ 10 ].

However, none of these were tested in a standard pediatric primary care clinic.

En estos casos, es posible que el pediatra recete medicamentos para reforzar el sistema inmunitario. No tocar, rascar ni frotar las lesiones. Mantener bien limpias las zonas donde hayan salido moluscos. Hidratarse la piel virus del molusco contagioso estuviera seca. Moore, MD, helps patients understand what their illness is, how it will affect their regular routine, what self care is required, and when to call a doctor.

Consistently formatted and organized by topic for easy use, it provides descriptions of each illness, including frequent signs and symptoms, possible causes, risks, preventive virus del molusco contagioso, expected outcomes, possible complications, and treatments.

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