The Smart City Wien framework focuses on strong collaboration and collective intelligence to achieve holistic targets. As one of the world's. The Smart City Agency supports the City of Vienna's efforts to achieve the goals defined in the Smart City Wien Framework Strategy, which was adopted in June. Vienna is a very livable and "smart" city, confirmed among others by the renowned Mercer Study and the Smart Cities Index of US climate strategist Boyd Cohen.


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Smart City Wien | The City for Life

For the execution of the strategy the various departments of the city administration, companies, research institutions and also the citizens have to combine forces to work effectively.

What is the strategy vienna smart city


The Smart City Wien framework strategy defines goals for the development of a city that assigns priority to, and interlinks, the issues of energy, mobility, buildings and infrastructure. The framework strategy vienna smart city one meta goal for This will be realized through comprehensive innovation.

This is now implemented with the help of specific, time-phased goals, which are subject to ongoing monitoring and review.


Resources, Quality of Life, and Innovation. Each central aspect of the Smart City Wien Strategy is represented by an overarching goal that is to be attained by means of detailed targets. The vienna smart city defines ten focus areas.

Each of the focus areas comprises specific objectives. This document defines vienna smart city long-term umbrella strategy forestablishing a conducive, long-term and structural framework that will exist alongside other established documents, plans and programs.

Its metro system sees 1.

With a combination of policies aiming to integrate urban and transport planning, and shifting traffic to environmentally-sustainable modes of transportation, Vienna significantly increased its modal share for vienna smart city transportation. Infor example, Vienna's modal vienna smart city was split 28 percent for walking, 5 percent for cycling, 36 percent for public transportation and only 31 percent for private cars.

Framework Strategy – Smart City Wien

In the meantime, the city has taken on a list of measures to improve sustainable transportation, like developing public transport infrastructure, improving public transport quality and image, enacting stringent parking space management measure for commuters, and improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

Vienna achieving the number one place as a smart city is not just vienna smart city local effort, but a national one. One specific example of how Vienna, as part of Austria, is a smart city is the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology's investments in e-mobility. E-mobility is the intersection of environmental protection and individual mobility.

The ministry invests in key technologies and supports Austrian researchers and companies in their development and implementation of future-ready transportation technologies.

Toronto, Canada The city vienna smart city launched the Smart Commute programwhich works with businesses to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and take action on climate change by encouraging the use of sustainable transportation options. On the program's website, you can find partner businesses and learn about sustainable commuting plans, or you can join a free online service that gives you access to others who have signed up to carpool.

Through its partnership with businesses, the program also offers discounted vienna smart city passes, emergency rides home, shuttles, vanpools and active commuting alternatives.

As ofthe city has a cycling mode share of 1.


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