On 19 Jan @AxelMerk tweeted: "Draghi: I rather comment on policy &.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation. Tweetonomics has 27 ratings and 4 reviews. Paweenwat said: Tweetonomics: Everything You Need to Know About Economics in Characters or Less. As the title tweetonomics suggests, the authors present key economic terms and concepts in digestible, jargon-free character tweets that.


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Finally a world on regulation: We have already seen this with a directive not to enforce aspects of the Affordable Care Act. tweetonomics


The problem tweetonomics governing this way is that it provides uncertainty to businesses: Tweetonomics key reason why expectations on real growth rose after the election was, in our assessment, a perception that a unified Congress could pass laws to not only reduce regulation, but to provide clarity that might outlive the administration.

To the extent that such optimism is unwarranted, we may well see real growth disappoint expectations.

So what does it all mean for investors? To gauge what it all means for investors, keep in mind the backdrop: Bond yields not long tweetonomics reached historic lows. And the dollar index tweetonomics up four calendar years in a row.

Tweetonomics: Everything You Need to Know About Economics in Characters or Less by Nic Compton

So if you are bullish on stocks, keep in mind that stocks might be expensive. If you are bearish on stocks, will bonds provide the refuge even if inflation ticks up? And that dollar, will tweetonomics greenback really soar?


Without giving a specific investment recommendation, we would not be surprised if small caps as expressed in the Russell outperform large caps as expressed in the Tweetonomics. Just as larger firms tend to relatively benefit from more regulation tweetonomics they have more economies of scale, a reduction in regulation may well benefit smaller firms disproportionally.

Tweetonomics : Nic Compton :

The Nasdaq companies tend to be more internationally active and, as such, be more tweetonomics to retaliation on any policies by other governments.

Historically, in the stock market declines we have studied, the Russell tweetonomics outperformed the Nasdaq. The reason may be that the Tweetonomics has the more popular and thus pricier firms.


While I believe this may well apply, a caution to this theory: To protect against a general decline in stocks, one may need to look further. In that context, cash is an option that is often not mentioned.

As investors ponder ways to tweetonomics - or even just a rebalancing of portfolios as tweetonomics have outperformed other asset classes - keep in mind that equities tend to be more volatile than some alternatives; as such, to be protected in a downturn, one tweetonomics need to load up quite substantially on alternatives.

Tweetonomics : everything you need to know about economics in 140 characters or less

Tweetonomics an extreme example: To the extent that one finds such investments, a similar test should be performed though: Bonds should prove interesting in My personal opinion is that we saw historic lows in If that happens, bonds can lose money even if stocks tweetonomics.

More so, the dollar might not be so shiny after all, if higher inflation is priced tweetonomics.

Fed Chair Yellen recently at Stanford on January 19 gave a speech in which I interpreted her argument as to suggesting "this time is different" as rising inflationary pressures e. That said, I am more optimistic on how major currencies will perform versus the greenback, as we may have seen the low in interest rates in much of the tweetonomics.

Last week, European Central Bank President Draghi fought against that perception, but it was a fight in words only which I characterized as "huffing and puffing" to tweetonomics the currency lower - a strategy that worked for a tweetonomics hours that day.

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