Cleopatra de Nile: New pet snake. Has Deuce-the hottest guy in school-wrapped. Herve Leger bandage dress, strappy gold platforms. Cleo was the queen bee. A ghostly pale girl moves in next door. But every time Libby tries to talk to Julia, she has a strange way of disappearing. And when Libby sees the words "Help. About The Ghoul Next Door. On a well-deserved hiatus from the ghoulish grind of their TV show, Ghoul Getters, psychic medium M. J. Holliday.


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The Ghoul Next Door

Melody had adopted the truth pact from Jackson and applied it to her parents, who promised to keep the RAD's existence a secret, so long as she kept them informed. Candace is having fun with The ghoul next door invisibleness, with her daring Billy to shout things out an open window.


When they arrive at the hospital's psych ward, and notice the even bigger crowd of reporters in front of the doors, they ask a nearby reporter what was happening, with Billy doing the ghoul next door talking and Candace remaining completely silent.

The reporter answers that Brett was about to wake up, and Billy thanks her. The reporter becomes confused and affirms, when Candace asks, that she is hearing voices. Candace speeds away while telling her she came to the right place, which the ghoul next door both Candace and Billy laugh.

The Ghouls Next Door

Candace and Billy agree to stop. Candace parks in a reserved space and the ghoul next door three head to the doors, but are immediately stopped by two bouncers who will not let them through.

Candace tries to flirt her way past, but the bouncers, after a pause to listen to their headsets, ask for her ID. After confirming that she is not a doctor, they threaten to remove her vehicle from the reserved space if she does not the ghoul next door to do so. Candace leaves quickly, leaving Melody to try and get through, though she too is unsuccessful, until news is shouted from the third-floor window that Brett was waking up, causing the flood of reporters to rush toward the doors.

Melody and Billy sneak past, and Billy gets ready in the bathroom. The two agree to not reveal FrankiBilly until the reporters start taping.

Suzanne Nelson’s The Ghoul Next Door | Middle Grade Novel

They playfully tease each other while waiting for him to wake up, and comment nastily on the over-dramatization of Brett's condition and the ghoul next door Bekka's appearance. Brett eventually wakes up and tries to speak, saying, "Whashe," wanting to know where Bekka was.

Bekka hurries to Brett's side, and he expresses relief at having not killed her. Believing that he is still experiencing hallucinations, a the ghoul next door rushes to administer aid, but it is rejected by both Brett and his mother.

Brett recalls a memory of his tenth birthday party, which had a monster theme, and how when he blew out the candles, he wished to be a monster, and was afraid his wish was fulfilled when he tore off Frankie's head, whom he mistook for Bekka, during what he described as "the best kiss the ghoul next door his life.

The Ghoul Next Door by Victoria Laurie |

FrankiBilly promises Brett to never go near him or anyone the ghoul next door again, though Brett assures FrankiBilly that he wasn't afraid and wanted to know more. Bekka unsuccessfully tries to convince the others that the monster had taken over his brain when she is taken away by security guards.

However, before she leaves the room, she offers proof that monsters exist, and calls in Hayleewho hands over the iPad, and presses the ghoul next door on the video of Jackson turning into D.

With this action, Cleo smugly repeats that normies could not be trusted.

  • : Monster High: The Ghoul Next Door : Lisi Harrison: Books
  • The Ghoul Next Door by Suzanne Nelson | Scholastic
  • The Ghoul Next Door

She angrily questions why Bekka went back on her word, and Bekka points to Brett and FrankiBilly, who were talking with each other, saying that their new friendship was not part of the plan.

Haylee affirms the ghoul next door the contract proved Bekka was right. Bekka starts taking interviews with the reporters about Jackson, and the status of other monsters.

Melody initially panics before trying to calm down and channel the decision-making that Candace would do in the same situation, and draws on the conclusion that she would make something else the ghoul next door the reporters to focus their attention on.

She orders Billy, who had only painted the parts they could see green, to take off the clothes and distract the reporters.


Billy eagerly complies, and everyone leaves the room to chase him, leaving Brett with Melody the ghoul next door. Brett becomes confused at finding out that the person he had been talking to wasn't the same girl he kissed at the dance, then becomes frustrated when his questioning leads to Melody being unable to reveal too much.

However, she agrees to asking Frankie to a meeting with Brett, and offers him membership to NUDI, which he happily accepts. After hearing a commotion outside, they turn on the TV to the news to discover that Billy had taken off the paint and left behind the mold of Frankie's face.

Ross Healy, the ghoul next door reporter for Channel Two News, deems the whole episode an elaborate prank by students at Merston High. Ross goes back to Brett and gives him a business card, making Brett promise to call when something else happens at his school.

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