Fu or Hu is a Taoist magical paper talisman. Fu is an ancient and special form of 'magic' or sorcery (sorcery is not exactly negative unless use. Images, history, symbolism and meaning of old Chinese charms with Daoist Several of the Daoist charms below display "magic writing" characters and. The Chinese Taoist Talismans Called "FU" in China are probably the most It is the intent's behind that Fu's that determines whether its white or black magic.


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There is no clear record as to what Chinese civilization first used the Fu, however, the Fu is mentioned in a lot of Chinese religious and political texts.

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It is said that the Great Emperor has stop a terrible flood that has devastated taoism magical talismans of China by burning several Fu of the Goddess of the North Star.

I make sure I burn at taoism magical talismans one set of her Fu everyday. Personally, I can attest to the power of the Fu, and I use it a lot in conjunction of my mantras and Feng Shui.

Sana Ako si Ricky Lee!

Sun Wukong has three different kind of Fu. This one is for personal, family matters.

One of our managers got an educational grant in Berlin, but he has to pay for her own airfare and board and lodging. The organization raised funds for her board and lodging, however, nobody taoism magical talismans volunteered to shoulder her airfare.

Oh, OK, I just didn't want to start from the very basics, these being available elsewhere, but since you're familiar with the subject Well, what are you interested in -- obtaining talismans for certain purposes, or taoism magical talismans how to write them yourself?

If the former, I don't know who to recommend, there was one participant on the forum who sells them, Mak Tin Si, but I have my reservations, although there's other people here who spoke highly of his "energy.

Welcome to

Taoism magical talismans one is ready to write a talisman who hasn't practiced calligraphy for a rather long period of time.

In his right hand is a whisk fly whisk which allows him to walk on clouds or fly to heaven whenever he wishes. Taoism magical talismans the very top of the charm, just below the hole, is a lotus.

The reverse side expresses a wish for good fortune and happiness.


He is famous as a fearsome slayer of evil demons. The projections from each side of his hat are "demon-seeking" devices that can point to unseen and lurking dangers.

Fu, The Taoist’s Magical Paper Talisman | Sana Ako si Ricky Lee!

To the left taoism magical talismans the swordat about the 11 o'clock position, is a bat flying upside-down. Zhong Kui is usually depicted with a bat so this further confirms that he taoism magical talismans is the immortal being depicted on the charm. There is a lotus design just below the loop at the top.

As explained above, the lotus symbol means that expelling evil and receiving good fortune and happiness should "continue" forever.

Daoist (Taoist) Charms

Chinese swords, sword symbols and amulets are discussed in detail at Swords and Amulets. For other examples of Chinese symbols with implied meanings please see hidden meaning of charm taoism magical talismans.

This charm's length is 53 mm and its maximum width is 38 mm. It weighs 23 grams.

Daoist (Taoist) Charms

This is a large and heavy Daoist charm with a good deal of taoism magical talismans. Zhong Kui is standing to the left of the center hole.


It is taoism magical talismans to see clearly because of the wear on the charm, but he is standing with his body facing slightly towards the left edge of the charm.

His shoes are facing directly towards the 7 o'clock position.

He is turning his upper torso so that it is facing the demon or possibly his demon attendant located to the right of the square hole. In his taoism magical talismans hand is his sword. The tip of the taoism magical talismans can be seen just below the bottom left of the center hole.

As mentioned in the description of the charm above, Zhong Kui is usually accompanied by a batseen at the very top of the charm, and which is flying upside down.

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