SOLITARY. Escape from Furnace 2. From the "Escape from Furnace" series, volume 2. by Alexander Gordon Smith. Age Range: 14 & up. Jump to Solitary - Alex, Zee and Gary are on the loose in Furnace tunnels and and Zee are condemned to a month in the 'hole', the solitary confinement,  Genre‎: ‎Young adult fiction‎, ‎Science fiction. Solitary has ratings and reviews. Paige said: This book will mess your mind and little shit is amazing and Smith is a genius fo.


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Mostly from the use of gen pop and general population, but there were a couple of times that I was grateful for the Kindle's ability to tell me what certain words mean.

There was some very heartbreaking scenes in this book, and I was teary eyed a couple of times. Donovan for obvious reasons, and Zee because how he held on the whole time. He never thought that he would solitary escape from furnace left behind, or forgotten, and maintained a gritty determination throughout the story.

No, the blacksuits did it, they shot him then they framed me for his murder. I can feel its cold fingers around my throat.

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Two years ago, when I was twelve, my gran died—had a solitary escape from furnace in the middle of the night and swallowed her tongue. Mom was devastated, like any daughter would be.

I waited till she was asleep one night, ten days or so after Gran had been buried.

Then I sneaked into her room and pried that locket from her hand. He fights Alex but is eventually defeated.


Drinking from Cross' blood, Alex becomes a berserker. On the tower's roof while the building's being bombarded Alex promises to find and kill Furnace.

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Execution[ edit ] Alex is brought by the army, along with Zee, Simon and Solitary escape from furnace, to St Margaret's hospital where he, Simon and other Furnace creatures are studied by Panettierre and others while the plague's spreading through and out of the country.

During the experiments, Alex drifts in and out of sleep where he experiences Furnace's memories. So Panettiere kills him but is resurrected by Sam.

After Cross' death, Alex's considered Furnace's right-hand man, therefore, Sam and some berserkers help him and his friends to escape.

Solitary: Escape from Furnace 2 - Alexander Gordon Smith - Google книги

With Panettiere and her army on their heels they want to study Zee's immunity to the nectarthey spend the night in Alex's house, where he finds out that his parents haven't abandoned him as he remembers but have been trying to get him out of prison, and then they solitary escape from furnace reach the island where Furnace solitary escape from furnace.

At last, Alex meets Furnace who's still alive by being attached to a machine and wants Alex to be his heir - Alex is the only one who could handle the nectar and remember his history, and that's what the Stranger needs to survive. He accepts Furnace's offer, in doing so Alex's nectar is replaced by the Stranger's blood in Furnace's veins.

Furnace is turned to dust and the Stranger manipulates Alex in continuing the war. However, with his friends' support Alex ends it by killing all of Furnace's creatures, including Simon, through telepathic images of freedom and peace.


When Panettiere finally reaches them, she receives solitary escape from furnace of Alex's blood and dies while Alex's saved by receiving a nectar transfusion.

Alex, Zee and Lucy are then brought to solitary escape from furnace military base where he's interrogated about what's happened.

As time passes, the three of them and the whole world are trying to live a better, normal life, and Alex goes under the knife in order to become human again.

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