Buy The Tokyo Zodiac Murders (Pushkin Vertigo Crime) by Soji Shimada, Ross MacKenzie, Shika MacKenzie from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. Everyday low. Japan, An old eccentric artist living with seven women has been found dead- in a room locked from the inside. His diaries reveal alchemy. The Tokyo Zodiac Murders is the debut mystery novel of Soji Shimada, the musician and writer on astrology who is best known as an author of over mystery novels. Besides being Shimada's first novel and a best seller, it was nominated for the prestigious Edogawa Rampo Prize for mystery al title‎: ‎Senseijutsu Satsujinjiken.


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The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada |

This new information helps to clear up the riddle of how the killer disposed of the bodies across the countryside, but does little to solve the larger mystery, and when the boorish son of this policeman angrily challenges our pair of amateurs, in a fit of injured pride, Kiyoshi promises to solve this decades old mystery within a single week!

With this deadline firmly in place, Kiyoshi and Kazumi head to Kyoto to interview one of the few surviving soji shimada tokyo zodiac murders of Heikichi, only to be thwarted at every turn, and six days later Kiyoshi has soji shimada tokyo zodiac murders reached a breaking point as Act 3 is drawing to a close.

Only at this point does Soji Shimada finally deliver his fair play challenge, one of the best I have ever encountered, though I have little doubt that very few readers will have worked out the solution.

I must admit that I was soji shimada tokyo zodiac murders far off the mark! However, any difficulties you may have are not the fault of the author for hiding key clues, and the book is chock full of diagrams and charts, as well as a dramatis personna that helps to keep the western reader from confusing all those unfamiliar Japanese names.

This movement has a lot in common with our renewed passion for the style of the Golden Age mystery novels in recent years.


The Decagon House Murders, by Yukito Ayatsuji, is another important book in this sub genre which was just released this year by Locked Room International. Oddly, Shimada did not receive any major literary award himself untilsoji shimada tokyo zodiac murders he was awarded the Japan Mystery Fiction Prize for his body of work.

The original definition was "a detective story that mainly focuses on the process of a criminal investigation and values the entertainment derived from pure logical reasoning".


The term was coined to clearly differentiate Honkaku mystery fiction from other subgenres and it was used for both local and Western writers, although a distinct Japanese form became increasingly common in the soji shimada tokyo zodiac murders.

Knowing the background to the form isn't required to understand the structure of this novel, although it does help to realise that it is informed by such a rich tradition.

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders - Wikipedia

But once Shimada enters his own narrative as an investigator, the pace picks up considerably, and readers will understand why Shimada is considered one of Soji shimada tokyo zodiac murders most fiendishly clever crime writers. In it, the narrator, who identifies himself as the same Heikichi who was murdered, describes a long-running battle with mental disease, his diabolismand his murderous urge to create the perfect woman called " Azoth ", which he will do by cutting his 2 daughters, 2 of his 3 stepdaughters and his 2 nieces up and soji shimada tokyo zodiac murders a single astrologically significant and aligned piece of her body and combining it with the others the reason listed for excluding his remaining daughter, Kazue Kanemoto, is that she is not a virgin ; each one will be killed with an alchemically-significant metal and buried in a place which produces those metals.

He writes that he will carry out his insane plan as soon as he finishes the Aries portrait.

Shortly after the murder of Heikichi, Kazue Kanemoto is discovered with her head bashed in as well. After that murder, the 6 future victims Heikichi's remaining daughter, stepdaughters and nieces and Heikichi's widow travel to Mt. Yahiko to placate Heikichi's spirit.

Kiyoshi has his idiosyncrasies and deeply meditative episodes, while Kazumi is the industrious partner who soji shimada tokyo zodiac murders smart enough to follow leads and have sound opinions but is missing the crucial connections and insights that Sherlock, sorry Kiyoshi has. The facts of the case are delivered as a dialogue between Kiyoshi and Kazumi which enables detail and anticipated questions to be aired and discussed by an enquiring Kazumi.

The plot will certainly appeal to an analytical mind.

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