A description of tropes appearing in Seventh Tower. A six-book fantasy series by Garth Nix concerning two groups of people living in a world of complete . The Fall (The Seventh Tower, Book 1) Garth Nix CHAPTER ZERO Tal stretched out his hand and pulled himself up onto the nex. Bestselling author Garth Nix's amazing Seventh Tower series is back--now with a great new look! Tal has lived his whole life in darkness. He has never left his.


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Hazror is introduced as a horrifically powerful and evil Aeniran monstrosity who looks like a cadaverous human- but he's actually just an ancient man who essentially wears a suit made seventh tower Sunstones and is very, very good at magic though he's heavily implied to be seventh tower Serial Killer.

Fortunately for Tal, once he realizes Hazror's human he also realizes that he's a Squishy Wizard.

The Seventh Tower Series

Chosen surnames are their parents' first names put together. Crow's last words when he poisons himself and Seventh tower are this sentiment. The venom of a type of Giant Spider that lives in the tunnels under the castle has this effect. Tal, initially, due to his Chosen upbringing teaching him that he was part of the superior race seventh tower people in the world.

He gradually grows out of this, as it is repeatedly demonstrated to him that seventh tower is not as superior as he once thought.

Oh no, there's been an error

Milla and particularly Crow start out this way as well. The Freefolk, a group of Underfolk delinquents who desire to overthrow the Chosen and gain seventh tower for the Underfolk. Currently consists of six members, most of them children.

Milla's reluctance to retreat has put herself and Tal in varying degrees of pain, from getting them hauled off by violet guardsmen to almost getting them seventh tower off a hillside.

The Seventh Tower - Wikiwand

She's considerably more tactically refined by book five. Tal, for his part, also has a habit of attempting insanely dangerous things without prompting, though he seventh tower to only do so if there's great seventh tower like his attempt to save his little brother.

The powers of the Chosen.

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Light Is Not Good: The Chosen are light-themed magic users, and seventh tower also terribly corrupt and decadent. Sharrakor in his Aeniran form is described as bright and shimmering.

In a strange reversal, the characters also consider the Sun above the Veil to be unbearably harsh and bright, and a source of pain rather than life. The Big Bad wants to destroy the Veil and allow the Sun to shine down again to strengthen his forces, but even ignoring that, the heroes consider the very seventh tower of the Sun being unVeiled to be an apocalyptic scenario that would utterly destroy the world they hold dear.

For the Icecarls, having the ice melt seventh tower would destroy their way of life. The Spiritshadows, beings from Aenir that the Chosen bind to themselves as servants in a rite of passage.

List of The Seventh Tower characters

In Aenir, they take on their true forms, which are many and varied, but in the Dark World they appear as shadows, weakened in seventh tower and strengthened by light. And shadowguards, the junior version, seventh tower act like children's natural shadows come to life.

They're much less powerful and exist to keep Chosen kids safe The Chosen rank themselves largely based on who is best with Sunstones and who has the most powerful Spiritshadows.

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