Translation of Die räuber. Bound with: Count Benyowsky, or the Conspiracy of Kamschatka: a tragi-comedy in five acts / by Baron Kotzebue. The The Robbers Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary by Friedrich Schiller The robbers attack the castle and Francis strangles himself. The Robbers (Die Räuber) is the first drama by German playwright Friedrich Schiller. The play was published in and premiered on 13 January in  ‎Plot and description · ‎Dramatis personae · ‎English translations · ‎Adaptations.


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Soliloquies on this subject are numerous--from the time of Hamletof Catoand schiller the robbers. Perhaps the worst of them has more ingenuity, perhaps the best of them has less awfulness than the present.

Dominick himself might shudder at such a question, with such an answer, as this: I would people the silent wilderness with my fantasies; I should have Eternity for leisure to examine the schiller the robbers image of the universal woe.

The Robbers – review | Stage | The Guardian

All his history shows it; and his death is of a piece with the fierce splendor of his life. Having finished the bloody work of crime, and magnanimity, and horror, he thinks that, for himself, suicide would be too easy an exit. He has noticed a poor man toiling by the way-side, for eleven schiller the robbers a great reward has been promised for the head of the Robber; the gold will nourish that poor drudge and his boys, and Moor goes forth to give it them.

We part with him in pity and sorrow; looking less at his misdeeds than at their frightful expiation. The subordinate personages, though diminished in extent and varied in their forms, are of a similar quality with the hero; a strange mixture of extravagance and true schiller the robbers.

In perusing the work which represents their characters and fates, we are alternately shocked and inspired; there is a perpetual conflict between our understanding and our feelings.

Yet the latter on the whold come off victorious.

The robbers : a tragedy

The Robbers is a tragedy that will long find readers to astonish, and, with all its faults, to move. It stands, in our imagination, like some ancient rugged pile of a barbarous age; irregular, fantastic, schiller the robbers but grand in its height and massiveness and black frowning strength.

It will long remain a singular monument of the early genius and early schiller the robbers of Friedrich Schiller. The publication of such a work as this naturally produced an extraordinary feeling in the literary world.

The Robbers | drama by Schiller |

Translations of The Schiller the robbers soon appeared in almost all the languages of Europe, and were read in all of them, with a deep interest, compounded of admiration and aversion, according to the relative proportions of sensibility and judgment in the various minds which contemplated the subject.

In Germany, the enthusiasm which The Robbers excited was extreme. The young author had burst upon the world like a meteor; and surprise, for a time, suspended the power of cool and rational criticism.

In the ferment produced by the universal discussion of this single topic, the poet was magnified above his natural dimensions, great as they were: One charge brought against him must have dampened the joy of literary glory, and stung Schiller's pure and virtuous mind more deeply than any other.

He was accused of having injured the cause of morality by his work; of having set up to the impetuous and fiery temperament of youth a model of imitation which the young were too likely to pursue with schiller the robbers, and which could only lead them from the safe and beaten tracks of duty into error and destruction.

It has even been stated, and often been repeated since, that a practical exemplification of this doctrine occurred, about this time, in Germany.

A young nobleman, it was said, of the fairest gifts and prospects, had cast away all these advantages; betaken himself to the forests, and, copying Moor, had begun a course of active operations,--which, also copying Moor, but less willingly, he had ended by a shameful death.

It can now be hardly necessary to contradict these theories; or to show that none but a candidate for Bedlam as well as Tyburn schiller the robbers be seduced from the substantial comforts of existence, to seek destruction and disgrace, for the sake of such imaginary grandeur.

The German nobleman of the fairest gifts schiller the robbers prospects turns out, on investigation, to have been a German blackguard, whom debauchery and riotous extravagance had reduced to want; who took to the highway, when he could take to nothing else,--not allured by an ebullient enthusiasm, or any heroical and misdirected appetite for sublime actions, but driven by the more palpable stimulus of importunate duns, an empty purse, and five craving senses.

The Robbers – review

Perhaps in his later days, this philosopher may have referred to Schiller's tragedy, as the source from which he drew his theory of life: It's a schiller the robbers, brave enterprise and you have to admire the commitment of all concerned. At the same time I can't help wishing that an already overheated play had been cooled down rather than heated up.

His story of sibling hatred starts with the evil Franz von Moor persuading his father to disinherit his elder brother, Karl. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or schiller the robbers subjects are covered.

The Robbers and Wallenstein

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. At schiller the robbers bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

He strongly criticizes both the hypocrisies of class and religion and the economic inequities of German society. He also conducts a complicated inquiry into the nature of schiller the robbers.


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