Explore BOB WALE's board "Robert Levering" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Vintage ads, Vintage advertisements and Vintage illustrations. Dewey Robert Levering: Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress. Robert Levering worked as full-time anti-Vietnam war organizer with such groups as AFSC and the New Mobilization Committee and Peoples Coalition for.


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CBS News Interviews Robert Levering

Your definition of a "great place to work" is "one where you trust the people you work for, have pride in what robert levering do, and enjoy the people you work with.

My definition is based robert levering interviews I've conducted at dozens of great workplaces throughout the world.

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  • Interview: Robert Levering

I discovered that employees at these companies invariably talked about robert levering issues. The first was that they had a high level of trust in management.


By trust, they meant they believed what management told them; they thought management delivered on promises; they felt management genuinely respected them as people, not just as hired hands; and they robert levering management treated them fairly. At the same time employees of great workplaces also said they had great pride in their jobs and in the company itself.

robert levering

Robert Levering | Fortune

Finally, they robert levering felt a great sense of camaraderie with the other people they worked with. That is, they said the company had a very friendly environment or, oftentimes, a place where they felt they could have fun.


Could you give me some examples about how credibility, respect and fairness improve the trust? Trust involves the three elements you listed.

Credibility involves employees' robert levering about management's believability, competence and integrity. To build credibility, management must be transparent about information so that employees can ask questions and determine whether or not management is telling the truth.

This is crucial because we simply don't extend our trust to others unless we can rely on robert levering word.

In the workplace, this requires management to share information frequently and widely, but it must also accessible to respond to robert levering. At most of the best workplaces, senior robert levering regularly engage in question-and-answer sessions with employees.

Many also extend other opportunities for employees to ask questions, such as through email or the company intranet. Respect refers to how employees perceive management's attitude toward them. First, this means showing appreciation to employees for doing good work.

Robert Levering Quotes (Author of Make Their Day!)

Respect also is shown by management doing its best to provide employees robert levering the right tools robert levering adequate training opportunities to help them grow.

But it's also important that employees feel that management genuinely listens to their ideas and suggestions and involves them in decisions about their jobs as much as possible.

A good example is RM Sistemas, a Brazilian computer software firm, which actually conducts on-line voting among all employees to determine which new benefits policies are implemented. The final trust issue is fairness. This is a bigger issue robert levering pay, though fair pay is important.

Robert Levering in the Census | Ancestry

robert levering It also involves whether people feel that they are treated fairly when it comes to promotions or being given opportunities for challenging assignments. Nothing destroys trust more quickly than for management to act in ways robert levering employees feel are unjust.

What kind of efforts should companies make in order to turn themselves into great places to work? In every case that I have studied, the transformation of companies into great workplaces began with management improving its communications with employees to bolster its credibility.

Typically top managers robert levering new forums with employees where they make themselves more accessible to answering questions than in the past.

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