The Rey Complex Figure Test and Recognition Trial is available from PAR. The RCFT provides a well-rounded cognitive snapshot and is diagnostically powerful. The Rey-Osterrieth (ROCF) and Taylor (TCF) complex figure tests are widely used to assess visuospatial and constructional abilities as well as. [hide] [restore] [timer] (When you click 'timer', an alert box will be displayed after 2 minutes). Simple Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test This test, designed by.


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Moreover, the impact of copy time on test performance, the impact of copy score on immediate and delayed recall score, and the impact of immediate recall score on rey osterrieth complex figure recall performance were examined. Based on regression models, equations to calculate Z scores for copy and recall scores are provided for both tests.

For both tests, the standard procedure rey osterrieth complex figure participants to copy an item figure and then, without prior warning, to reproduce it from memory after a 3-min delay Osterrieth, Based on the fact that the Rey osterrieth complex figure and the TCF contain equal numbers of elements that are presumably of comparable complexity, both figures have long been assumed to be equivalent Lezak, Accordingly, for both these tests, scores are generally interpreted using norms developed for the ROCF Strauss et al.

However, previous studies have shown that participants obtain significantly higher scores on both immediate and delayed recall trials of the TCF when compared with the ROCF e. According to Strauss and Spreenusing normative data established for the ROCF may result in an overestimation of memory levels in patients that are given the TCF.

As such, norms should be developed for each figure separately.

Thus, participants knew that they would be asked to recall the figure from memory after a delay. Unfortunately, no normative data are currently available for rey osterrieth complex figure original implicit learning TCF task, which is the typical mode of administration for this test.


Sociodemographic variables such as age, education, and sex have been demonstrated to influence performance on neuropsychological tests. In previous studies, a relationship has been demonstrated between age and performance on the ROCF.

Clinical and empirical applications of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test.

While a few studies reported no change in copy performance with normal aging e. Regarding the effect of education, some studies have found lower education levels to be associated with poorer scores on the ROCF Caffarra et al.


In addition to considering sociodemographic variables rey osterrieth complex figure interpreting non-verbal neuropsychological tasks, several authors have also highlighted the influence of culture on ROCF performance, which may be a result of specific training provided through formal education e.

The importance of developing norms adapted to a given culture has also been highlighted by a study showing that local norms are more sensitive and accurate than non-cultural specific norms for identifying cognitive difficulties in older adults Arsenault-Lapierre et al.

Rey–Osterrieth complex figure - Wikipedia

In this respect, normative studies have been carried out for the ROCF in community-dwelling older Italians Caffarra et al. Each copy is scored for the accurate reproduction and placement of 18 specific design elements.

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Additionally, the test administrator can note their qualitative observations regarding the examinee's approach to the rey osterrieth complex figure and the rey osterrieth complex figure of any apparent strategy use. This point scoring system is still commonly used today in evaluating an examinee's performance on the ROCF test.

Unlike Rey, Osterrieth was primarily interested in the measure as an assessment of whether or not children had developed the concept of a holistic or gestalt principle by various ages, as manifested by the way they approached the figure drawing.

Clinical and empirical applications of the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test.

Based on his experimentation, Osterrieth recognized several important trends. Specifically, he noticed that the principle of gestalt seems to stabilize around the age of nine years in children. Also, he noted several different approaches that the children rey osterrieth complex figure in constructing the figure, each of which appears to rey osterrieth complex figure roughly correlated with a particular age group: Primitive forms that show "distorted integration" and "confabulations" in their drawings.

Awareness of specific concepts while still remaining unaware of the overall figure.

Simple Rey-Osterrieth Complex figure Test

Complete awareness of the overall figure. Additionally, Osterrieth noticed that strategy was a good predictor of the child's performance on all three of the various tasks.

Edith Meyer Taylor[ edit ] In American German immigrant [ citation needed ] child psychologist Edith Meyer Taylorwho had been a student of Arnold Gesell and Rey osterrieth complex figure Piagetgave more elaborate descriptions on the point scoring system initially rey osterrieth complex figure by Osterrieth.

She had also briefly worked with Rey in Geneva and credited him with inspiring her to pursue this particular aspect of psychology. Taylor[ edit ] InLaughlin B.


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