The idea for Pretend You're Mine came from binge watching surprise military homecoming videos and sobbing hysterically. The videos made. Pretend You're Mine by Pearls, released 28 February 1. Big Shot 2. Albion 3. Straight Through The Heart 4. Me And My Girl 5. Better Off Alone 6. Lucy Score debuted in Her second novel Pretend You're Mine was published on October For a fresh author our next guest showed.


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The brunette started to cry.


The woman clawed helplessly at the hand squeezing her throat. Seeing red, Harper launched herself at his back.

Pretend You're Mine

At impact, she wrapped her arms around his neck. He shrieked, too high-pitched for a man of his size, and released the woman. Arms flailing, he slammed back against the pickup trying to dislodge Harper.


She held on tighter as his weight crushed into her torso. She pretend you re mine thought about biting his ear, but instead used her legs to shove them off of the truck and squeezed her arms tighter around his neck.

His face was turning bright red from the pressure.

Pretend You’re Mine

Glenn gripped her arms and lurched forward, tossing Harper to the ground in front of the crying woman. She landed hard on her side and came up swinging.

He glanced a blow off her shoulder, making it sing, and she caught him on the side of the head. Harper used the distraction and fired a shot to his face, catching him off-guard, but only for a moment. The drunken giant swung back at her, and pretend you re mine parking lot exploded into stars.

Deep, and a little rough.

Pretend You're Mine: Chapter One - Lucy Score

Harper was flat on her back in the gravel. The side of her face felt like it was on fire.


And when I finally sat down to write it, the rest of the book came pouring out. So that took a bit of reconfiguring.

Plus, I had no working outline for the story and that was a terrible way to write a book. Are they close to someone from your real life?

Pretend You're Mine by Lucy Score

They were two characters I had in my mind for quite a while. I like really lovable pretend you re mine leads who are strong despite their flaws. It took a few more weeks after that for editing and formatting. From there you have: As the story progresses He will go down as one of the most infuriating, selfish, cowardly, asinine, idiotic, woe is me mfing characters I've ever read.

Pretend You're Mine - Lucy Score

I'm not talking love to hate him. No, I'm talking absolutely want to nutpunch him and stomp his dickbits. Sure he is honest with her; he flat out tells her he will never love her.

But, he asks her to stay even though he will never love her.

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