Port Arthur Massacre, mass shooting in and around Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia, on April 28–29, , that left 35 people dead and some 18 wounded; the. The Port Arthur massacre of 28–29 April was a mass shooting in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded in Port Arthur, Tasmania. The murderer  Non-fatal injuries‎: ‎24 (including the perpetrator). The bloody rampage at Port Arthur in Tasmania carried out by Martin Bryant exactly 20 years ago stunned Australia and was acknowledged as.


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Investigators later found three bodies inside. Less than a month after the massacre, federal and state legislators—led by Prime Minister John Howard —crafted the National Firearms Agreement.

It created port arthur massacre licensing and registration procedures, which included a day waiting period for gun sales.

Port Arthur massacre - Wikipedia

port arthur massacre In addition, it banned all fully automatic or semiautomatic weapons, except when potential buyers could provide a valid reason—which did not include self-defense—for owning such a firearm. The federal government also instituted a gun-buyback program, which resulted in the surrender of somefirearms.

Although gun-related deaths dropped dramatically, the new rules were sharply criticized by gun-rights advocates. More than anything else, this is what sparked the speculation that a hidden government agenda must have motivated the entire episode, part of a giant master plan to trick the unsuspecting public into willingly disarming.

Much is made by the conspiracy theorists of the claim that Bryant was sent to prison for port arthur massacre without a trial, which would indeed be shocking and seemingly unprecedented.

Bryant plead guilty port arthur massacre all charges, so it didn't go to trial, like every case in which the defendant pleads guilty to all charges. Despite being of acknowledged low intelligencehe was found competent to stand trial, a finding that has not been challenged.

The Port Arthur Massacre

His lawyer persuaded him to plead guilty simply because the evidence against him was overwhelming; he had port arthur massacre realistic chance of getting off, and a guilty plea was the route to the best possible outcome for him. It was not a conspiracy against a patsy; it was his best legal option.


That Bryant was placed in solitary port arthur massacre for the first eight months of his sentence is said to be evidence that the government didn't want him to be able to reveal any truths about the conspiracy.

It's possible this is the reason, but there are at least two other reasons that Bryant, and many other criminals like him, are kept in isolation. The first is that among his victims were children, murdered at close range for no reason. Prison inmates have a reputation for not taking kindly to child killers, especially to those who need to use a gun to port arthur massacre it, and it's more than likely that Bryant would have been attacked or even killed in prison if not kept separated.

Indeed, there were specific threats against him. Even his meals were prepared separately by special staff to prevent anyone from trying to poison him. The second reason is port arthur massacre he was on suicide watch and was in port arthur massacre special hospital ward suicide-proof cell, and for good reason; he's attempted suicide at least twice so far.

Some conspiracy theorists claim that Bryant displayed extraordinary combat skills that could only belong to a highly trained expert, and not to an intellectually challenged kid with no firearms experience.

One noted that the true perpetrator must be one of the top 10 or 20 shooters in the entire world.

The Port Arthur Massacre

In fact Bryant displayed no special skills, killing nearly all of his victims within just a few meters, and some with the muzzle of his gun actually touching them.

He missed all of his shots that were at any appreciable distance. Nor should it be port arthur massacre that the Port Arthur killer would be untrained; it's quite common for mass killings to be carried out by loners with no military connections or port arthur massacre training.

And then there are myriad small details on which some sources are unclear; for example, whether the knife with which Bryant killed Mr.

Some characterize discrepancies such as this as evidence that the knife must have been planted by police.

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