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It was loosely based on the Latin comedy Aulularia by Plautusfrom which many incidents and scraps of dialogue are borrowed, as well as from contemporary Italian farces.

He is obsessed with the wealth he has amassed and always ready to save expenses. Although he is over sixty, he is attempting to arrange a marriage plaut tvrdica himself and an attractive young woman, Mariane.

The complications are only resolved at the end by the rather conventional discovery that some of the principal characters are long lost relatives. Satire and farce blend in the fast-moving plot, as when the miser's hoard is stolen. The play also makes fun of certain theatrical conventions, such as the spoken plaut tvrdica addressed to the audience, hitherto ignored by the characters onstage.

The characters of L'Avare, however, generally demand to know who exactly is being spoken to.

He builds his wealth by lending at usurious rate while pinching every penny at home, refusing to replace the worn-out clothes of the servants he abuses. Intending to run away with her, he attempts to procure an illegal loan plaut tvrdica provide Mariane and her ill plaut tvrdica with money, only to discover the lender is his own father.

The Miser - Wikipedia

There is mutual resentment between the two over not only money but over love when Harpagon tricks his son into revealing his love for Mariane.

She opposes her father's plans to wed her to the elderly Plaut tvrdica, who has agreed to take her plaut tvrdica a dowry.

Harpagon mistrusts him and suspects him of wanting to rob him. At the end it is revealed he is of noble Napolitan blood, the brother of Mariane, and plaut tvrdica son of Anselme who is really Don Thomas D'Alburcy.

Master Jacques Master Jacques is cook and plaut tvrdica to Harpagon.


Valere explains to the audience how he has assumed the role of a servant to be closer to Elise. They met when he rescued her from drowning and they fell in love.

Harpagon enters, angry plaut tvrdica La Plaut tvrdica for hanging around. He suspects him of stealing something from him.

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plaut tvrdica La Fleche is angry at being suspected and points out that Harpagon is so careful with his money that it would be impossible to steal it. Harpagon confides in the audience expresing anxiety about the large sum of money he has buried in the garden.

As Cleante and Elise enter he plaut tvrdica again fearful that they might have heard what he is saying plaut tvrdica the hidden money.

When plaut tvrdica approach Harpagon plaut tvrdica that they are plotting to steal from him. They are actually trying to work out how to broach the subject of marriage with him since they have both found people they want to marry.

Harpagon also wants to discuss marriage with them and he mentions a young girl called Mariane.

Harpagon wants to know what Cleante thinks of her. Cleante is shocked and rushes off the stage.


Meanwhile, Harpagon says that Elise has to marry Seigneur Anselme. Harpagon asks Valere for his opinion on the matter. Valere is trying to suck up and agrees plaut tvrdica Harpagon's idea.


Valere reassures Elise that somehow they will sort things out later.

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