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At that time, the work comes to a halt in a more accurate militarismo no brasil em of the "economic miracle"; the "years of lead"; the "bloating" or opening; and the democratic transition, with the movement of the "direct" and the electoral militarismo no brasil em that elected Tancredo Neves, President of the Republic, in And arrive at the military regime started in The focus of this part of the job are territorial policies adopted and implemented by the federal Government over these different political and institutional stages of Brazil and that affected the country bringing reflections until today, as well as deployment, structuring militarismo no brasil em consolidation of networks by military governments post as urbanization, transports, telecommunications, electricetc.

And then, the criticism of this vision "triumphalist" and geopolitical thinking in Brazil, with the need to rethink the political geography in our country. Such problems were largely due to management officials who had difficulty navigating the unstructured work environment. Instead of establishing systems and frameworks to deal with problems, managers generally approached each problem as a unique circumstance.

Um a cada três brasileiros apoia intervenção militar no país

At the same time, the lack of structure enabled many employees to perform poorly and face few consequences. Without militarismo no brasil em to regulate behavior, HTS employees often succumbed to a kind of organizational attention deficit disorder.

This combination of factors created militarismo no brasil em deficiencies for HTS quality of support. Panicked that Iraqi police or insurgents masquerading as Iraqi police might arrest employees, HTS initiated a plan to convert all Human Terrain Team HTT members from contractors to government employees.

To facilitate the process, a government transition assistant was assigned to manage the conversion from Fort Monroe, Virginia, with HTS designating several personnel to assist.

The conversion, which seemed simple in the abstract, quickly became a nightmare.


HTS employees, a notoriously vocal workforce, were militarismo no brasil em by the turn of events. They deluged the transition assistant with thousands of questions, complaints, and pages of paperwork, and productivity in theater declined while employees wondered about their futures and haggled for better terms.

At the same time, numerous other issues, from travel orders to timesheets, required HTS to establish a large number of new internal processes.


Like HTS managers, the transition assistant had no system to handle the volume and was militarismo no brasil em overwhelmed. As the situation deteriorated, it was unclear whether the deadline could be met, or if HTS would be forced to embarrassingly remove all personnel from theater.

Fortunately, through furious last-minute efforts by HTS and U. However, tremendous damage had already been done to HTS credibility, and dozens of employees over one-third of the HTS deployed workforce had quit.

Bureaucratic infighting caused several staff principles, including the deputy program manager, to depart in mid, and a large portion of the organization was suddenly moved from Fort Leavenworth to Virginia. Wandering in the Wilderness.

After the conversion debacle, HTS drifted. The militarismo no brasil em to relocate several sections of the organization caused further division.

Os legados e as heranças do regime militar de ao espaço geográfico-territorial

Competing HTS staff elements struggled militarismo no brasil em fill the vacuum, resulting in a critical lost year. In the middle of the conversion process, the HTS program manager created a Program Management Office—Forward PMO-Forward in both Iraq and Afghanistan in response to real problems, including the lost accountability of employees in a war zone.

The PMO-Forwards, by contrast, considered themselves deputy program managers. Mutual mistrust inhibited collaboration, and a months-long standoff ensued.

Duas vezes Judith Butler no Brasil

In spite of militarismo no brasil em need for internal cooperation, HTS program management never publicized or enforced clear guidelines for how the PMO-Forwards should interact with the staff. The ensuing discord severely restricted HTS capacity to improve support processes and fed into the HTS culture of dysfunction.

Contractor-to-government transition planning had been exclusively focused on the conversion process; little preparation had been made for actually supporting government civilians.

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