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You can tinker with these later. Set the Preshared key to whatever you like remember this for later and click OK.

Now we are all setup on the AP side for our point to point link. Connect into it via Winbox and we will repeat a lot of mikrotik sxt 5nd r2 steps we have gone through here. Next we will set a firewall rule for the point to point.

Dreams Network | MikroTik RBSXT-5nDr2 | SXT Lite5 DualChain a/n CPE

An example address is below Now we will setup the wireless interface for your point to point link. This needs to be the same as you set in Step 8. Now we are all setup on the client or station side.

Click on Bridge, select the Ports tab and then click the blue plus symbol. Mikrotik sxt 5nd r2 we will set a firewall rule.

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  • MikroTik RouterBOARD SXT r2 2nD Default Router Login and Password
  • Techdata: MikroTik RBSXT5nDr2 (SXT Lite 5)
  • Mikrotik SXT Lite5

Click on the Action tab and then set the following: Click OK and then click the blue plus symbol again mikrotik sxt 5nd r2 set the IP address of the bridge1 interface. This can be whatever you please and will be the address the router responds to when you are connected to either end of the network via LAN.


An example address is below Now we will setup the wireless interface. Head to Interfaces in the menu mikrotik sxt 5nd r2 choose the Interface tab. Select the wireless interface you want to use to create the point to point link and double click on it.

Mikrotik SXT Lite 5 RBSXT-5ND Wireless CPE Access Point

Now you can set a HostName for those devices. Click on the system button on the left then Identity Change the name to something useful. Make the change to both radiosConnecting Wireless radioSteps to followed Click the wireless button on the top left "Wlan1" interface mikrotik sxt 5nd r2 grayed or dimmed, this means its currently disabled.

Right click "wlan1" interface and click Enable from dorpdown menu or just Blue Check button on top of menu bar.

Now you can see the interface is enabled.

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