As I write this, guitarist and composer Pat Metheny is in his mids. Earlier this year he was honored as an NEA Jazz Master, racking up. Watch the full video of Pat Metheny Group in The Way Up: Live, or preview it for free. Pat Metheny. This film was shot during the Asian leg of the tour in Seoul, Korea. It is a.


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Antonio Sanchez absolutely smoked on drums. You can tell that Pat found the right blend of musical talents after Antonio Sanchez and Coung Vu came on board for their last tour "Speaking of Now".

Tomajazz – Pat Metheny: the way up to maximalism. Interview by Arturo Mora

These guys had it going on musically and it showed in their musical arrangements, energy and enthusiasm they displayed on stage. This was the Pat Metheny Group I had grown to love over the years and elevated above all other musicians because of their uniqueness and signature sound that others dared to copy but none metheny the way up.

In my opinion you either understand them or you don't. Their music has meaning and passion.

The Way Up

Two chord bubble gum smooth jazz it isn't. Instead, it is a kind of music that doesn't quite fit into the Jazz, Rock or New Age genre but defines its own.

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  • The Low Down On The Way Up
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  • Pat Metheny: the way up to maximalism. Interview by Arturo Mora

It's experimental to say the least, but its roots are classic jazz and the musical talent is without peer. In a society driven by 3 minute pop songs, fast food and shady politics, it is nice to know there is an escape from it all.

This song is so chill and can cure all but the worst temperaments if you freely let yourself go and give into metheny the way up melodic ballad of synthesized jazz guitar. As is customary in any Pat Metheny concert I have attended, he uses various types metheny the way up guitars and often switches from one to the other frequently within the same song.

Pat Metheny - The Way Up - Music

It just goes to show you how meticulous he is at getting the right sound to set the proper mood of the song. Stage handlers frequently supported Pat by setting up the right guitar s at pivotal points in the show. The most memorable solos were from Antonio Sanchez. I don't know how much interaction you've had with him, but he's actually one of the smartest guys [laughs] I've ever met metheny the way up my entire life.

And everything those guys do Even as I started filing through the tracks and figuring out metheny the way up was there, I saw just how extraordinary a player, Pat is.

All of his parts were played so clean, with great attention to tone.

Pat Metheny: Live and on 'The Way Up'

There wasn't so much as a tick in any punch-in. The attention to detail is unmatched with all of them.


Steve Metheny the way up is one of the most extraordinary audio editors that I've ever witnessed. He did a great deal in terms of, not just impeccable audio editing, but the overall organization of the project files. And all that, coupled with such musicality There's just such a level of precision about their performances, and all that feeds into the recording.

And just by putting up the tracks, I could see what the level of standards were. So at that point, the tracks that he had gotten from Pat were pretty much all just guitar, or was it a rough mix of the whole thing?

As I recall, the first tracks that I heard had most everyone playing, and the main structures of the pieces were very much there, but there would be more parts added.

The thing is, this piece of music is I think it has more of a basis in orchestral writing than in traditional jazz writing, and there's an incredible detail in the orchestration. But this time, instead of orchestrating it with the group and a solo guitar, or a metheny the way up of different flavors metheny the way up solo guitar, it's orchestrated really with a lot more of what Pat does, playing all of these wonderful stringed instruments.

Tomajazz – Pat Metheny: the way up to maximalism. Interview by Arturo Mora

It's funny because it has an incredible level of balance between improvisation, and the composed elements. And everyone in the group is featured throughout. It's one metheny the way up those records you can listen to over and over again and constantly find new stuff, new things to draw your interest.

So it's not just a solo guitar over a rhythm section and couple of other soloists.

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