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He has taught mineralogy, petrology, optical mineralogy and ore deposits for more than 35 years.

Metamorphic Rocks (Geo)/ S. Nasir

She investigates the origin and evolution of the continental crust, the provenance of clastic sedimentary rocks, and granite petrogenesis, and she applies isotope geology and geochemistry to environmental issues including water co-produced metamorphic petrology miyashiro hydrocarbons and geological sequestration of carbon dioxide.

Most are derivatives of basic igneous rocks, some have formed by metamorphism of calcareous sediments.

Glaucophane schists Blue schists A blue colored schistossed rock rich with glaucophane. Serpentinite A most commonly dark green rock and weather ornage-brown.

Metamorphic Rocks (Geo302)/ S. Nasir

It is formed by metamorphism hydration of peridotite. Common minerals are chromitecummingtonite, antophyllite and spinel.


Granulite leptite, leptynite A plane-foliated non micaceous rock, that may be laminated parallel metamorphic petrology miyashiro the foliation. The term is usually reserved for rocks containing hypersthene and believed to have crystallized at high metamorphic temperatures.

Metamorphic petrology / Akiho Miyashiro. - Version details - Trove

Compositionally equivalent to basalt and considered to be an extremely high pressure form resulting from regional metamorphism. Mylonite A fine-grained, flinty-looking, strongly coherent, banded or streaky rock formed by extrem granulation of parent rocks without notable chemical reconstruction.

Eyes or lenses of undestroyed parent rocks persist enclosed in the granulated ground mass. Pseudotachyllite Amorphous mylonite that streaked metamorphic petrology miyashiro veinlets of dark glassy-looking materials.

A phyllonite A mylonitic rock in which mica and chlorite recrystallizing from the granulated matrix impart a sliky sheen to the foliation surfaces. Spotted slate and spotted phyllite Slate and phyllite containing dark metamorphic petrology miyashiro, the beginnings of porphyroblasts biotitegenerally resulting from incipient contact metamorphism.

Metamorphic Petrology - Akiho Miyashiro - Google Buku

Skarn tactite A contact metamorphic and commonly metasomatic material introduced rock, commonly composed of red and green calcium-rich silicates grossularite, epidote and diopside. Hornfles A nonfoliated rock composed of a mosaic of equidimensional grains without preffered orientation granoblastic or hornfelsic texture.

In spotted hornfleses there are porphyroblasts of one or more metamorphic petrology miyashiro such metamorphic petrology miyashiro biotite or andalusite.

Slate A fine-grained rock with perfect planar foliation slaty cleavageindependent of bedding, resulting from parallel orientation of tabular crystals of mica and chlorite.

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Phyllite A rock resembling slate but somewhat coarser in grain. The cleavage surfaces show a lustrous sheen due to coarsening of mica and chlorite.

There may be incipient lamination as recrystallizing quartz and feldspar tends to segregate into thin layers parallel to the cleavage. Schist Metamorphic petrology miyashiro strongly foliated and commonly lineated rock, coarser than slate and phyllite.


Foliation is accentuated by mineral lamination due to seggregation of thin layers alternately rich in micaceous minerals, quartz and feldspar.

Very commonly this lamination, though widely mistaken for metamorphic petrology miyashiro, is a metamorphic structure due to metamorphic differentiation within what may metamorphic petrology miyashiro have been homogeneous rock.

Gneiss A coarse, discontinously banded quartzfeldspathic rock with ill-defined or discontinous foliation. Soapstone Magnesian rock composed respectively of talc, with carbonates, chlorite and tremolite as possible minor constitutents.

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