Published by Independent Curators International, Artwork by Mark Lombardi. Edited by Judith Richards. Text by Robert Hobbs. In drawings both small and. Mark Lombardi: Global Networks, installation view, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Mark Lombardi (–) has been compared to Robert Smithson and. Mark Lombardi (March 23, – March 22, ) was an American neo-conceptual artist who . A major exhibit of Lombardi's art, "Mark Lombardi: Global Networks," was organized by Independent Curators International and curated by.


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Mark Lombardi: Global Networks

Johnson Mark lombardi global networks of Art, Cornell University, Curated by Robert Hobbs Mark Lombardi — has been compared to Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta-Clark, in terms of the conceptual power of his work and its widespread influence. Without detail or explanation to prosecute the case, we need Lombardi himself present to gloss the connections and relate the narrative.


As argument then, it clearly fails, yet as art, it succeeds in creating a complex ambivalence between the legible and illegible, the diagram and the labyrinth. Rhizomes, in botanical terms, are the underground, interconnected network of roots or tubers that exist in pernicious creepers such mark lombardi global networks purple loosestrife.

Rhizomes differ from the branching root system of a tree in that rhizome networks are a kind of collective life, and have no center; they branch and grow in all directions, encompassing an unlimited number of nodes. Lombardi schematizing his scandals as rhizomes precludes a sense of beginning or center, and thus a sense of individual culpability.

Instead he presents mark lombardi global networks scandals as more of an ecosystem of relative advantage.

Mark Lombardi

He plays with the objective, totalizing nature of the diagram, for in mark lombardi global networks end they are fluid in time the versions and ambiguous as indictments. Haacke became a primary investigator of his geographic locale in order to uncover the hidden complex of property ownership, whereas Lombardi, relying on previously published material, is more of an archivist, re-presenting unspecified arrangements of influence in the nether world of capital finance.


While the drawings are diagrammatic, it is an open question as to whether they lead to knowledge, or are rather labyrinths mark lombardi global networks to despair. There, he participated in a group show at the Drawing Centercalled Selections: Winterfollowed by two solo art shows: Silent Partners, shown in November at Pierogi in Mark lombardi global networks, [4] and Vicious Circles, a work drawing upon Jonathan Kwitny 's book of the same name dealing with Mafia involvement in the legitimate commercial markets, shown in at the Devon Golden Gallery in Chelsea.

He also participated in another group show, Greater New York: He then bolted his apartment from the inside and hanged himself, on the day before his birthday and three years after he had moved to Williamsburg.

The cover reproduces a detail from Lombardi's "George W. mark lombardi global networks

Mark Lombardi: Global Networks by Mark Lombardi

Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens, ca —90". Lombardi called his diagrams Narrative Structures.

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Other important influences on Lombardi were philosopher Herbert Marcuse[2] and visualization expert Edward Tufte. These represent court judgments, actual dollar amounts.

That is verifiable information.

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