Madeira Sunrise Tours, Funchal Picture: Levadas da Madeira Com DG-Travel - Check out TripAdvisor members' candid photos and videos. A levada is an irrigation channel or aqueduct specific to the Portuguese Atlantic regions of Madeira and the Azores. Contents. 1 History; 2 Levadas today; 3 See also; 4 References. History[edit]. On Madeira, the levadas originated out of the necessity of bringing large Levada do Norte · Levada do Risco · Levada da Serra do Faial · Levada dos. Levadas da Madeira - Cheerfulway Bravamar Hotel Ribeira Brava In this context, the island of Madeira, and more precisely its islands, are highlighted and.


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At the end, we arrive at the magnificent Ribeiro Bonito, where waterfalls and lagoons make this a truly unique place.

Levadas of Madeira Island

Along the way, we can delight with the magnificent panoramic views and enjoy nature in its purest state, feeling its freshness surrounding us, in an energizing walk that appeals all the senses. It is about 30km, with 9 tunnels one levadas da madeira them with almost 2 kilometersbut there is something levadas da madeira about overcoming this challenge.

Surrounded by the abundant greenery of nature, the best thing to do is go with the flow and enjoy the experience. An levadas da madeira fact is that many levadas built for the purpose of irrigating farm lands would also be used for water-mills and to power sawmills.


In fact, various such devices were set up along many levadas. Similarly, due to the fact that up until the beginning of the 20th century there was no distribution of running water to homes, people living in rural areas were forced to wash clothes in the creeks and levadas or levadas da madeira resort to some cisterns that stored water.

Given its levadas da madeira natural, scientific and cultural heritage, the area in question includes different protection statutes, within the scope of the European Ecological Network — Natura Network, from full and partial natural reserves, protected landscapes and recreational areas, meaning that all human activities in this territory are duly regulated by Zoning and Management Plans and by Programmes of Management and Preservation Measures.

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We also have as a buffer zone, the limit defined by the irrigation channels, since their existence and functioning will always imply the preservation and protection of the main waterway. The exceptionality of the Property, the continuity of an undeniable functional authenticity guaranteeing the distribution of water in quantity and quality to the entire population of Madeira Island, justify its inclusion on the Tentative List.

When the first settlers arrived on Madeira Island aroundthey promptly recognised its excellent temperate climate and lush fertile soil. These extremely favourable natural conditions and the enchanting landscape awoke the most hopeful expectations of a prosperous and future colonisation, based on an agricultural economy.

However, they immediately found two obstacles: Whether to tame these conditions or give in to them was the intricate concern of those settlers, to which the problem of water was quickly added: Thus they embarked on conquering the land, whilst conquering the water at the same time.

They began by thinning the brush with tireless effort and, faced with levadas da madeira orography, the undaunted men built thousands of poios—small terraces with arable soil and supported by basalt rock walls—across the steep slopes of the island, levadas da madeira creating unique farming surfaces, which over time spread throughout the island, starting from the southern shore.

Levada - Wikipedia

However, in order for these parcels of land to be put to intensive, constant, and advantageous use, it became necessary to establish an irrigation method that could compensate for the natural rainfall pattern, with its great variations by season and locality. The solution included ingenuity and the construction of an original system of irrigation channels - levadas - that would carry water from its sources at springs and flowing creeks levadas da madeira its destination, thus making the cultivation of the land and the daily life of its people possible.

Placed in baskets, and faced with various dangers, ranging from rocks breaking loose to falling into the abyss, these heroic workers would drill into rock, opening platforms on which to route the levada and accomplishing levadas da madeira work by using only simple and rudimentary tools, such as pick axes, rods, mattocks, rock hammers and hoes.

Their mission to rip through the basalt rock escarpments, placing their life in danger over the abyss and on precipices located at considerable heights or perforating mountains in tunnels, hundreds of metres long, in order to open paths for the water to pass, demonstrates the epic effort that was levadas da madeira in building this admirable and unrivalled monumental work on Madeira Island.

Unfortunately, many lost their lives on this glorious mission of tearing into the rocky escarpments to open waterways.

Levadas da Madeira Com DG-Travel - Picture of Madeira Sunrise Tours, Funchal

King Manuel I never satisfied his request and the Nile continued to fertilise the land in Cairo. However, this curious situation clearly shows the ability these men had levadas da madeira execute daring projects.

Along with the impressive testimony that reveals the cumulative capacity of the constructive contribution of various generations of Madeirans to ensure their survival by taking advantage of nature, the Madeira Levadas show off an extraordinary landscape heritage, since they are accompanied by paths and therefore offer unique pedestrian pathways.

The proposed Property represents, undoubtedly, a small Atlantic island, a notable and unusual piece of history and the relationship that, under certain circumstances, humans and their ingenuity can establish with water, respecting it as a common good and essential to life and productive activity, characteristics that give levadas a universal dimension and an outstanding value.

The sustainability of water resources on Madeira Island is a commitment to defining an appropriate planning policy, the levadas da madeira Regional Water Plan assuming foremost importance in valuing, protecting and managing those resources, as well as harmonizing them with the various economic activities, through the rationalization of their uses.

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