A letter to Authority is similar to a "Letter of persuasion". However it should not be mixed with a "Letter of Complaint"; its main aim is to try to convince and persuade an authority figure into doing something, or changing his mind on a particular matter. Letters to Authorities - Handbook. Learn the truth about violation tickets, appearance notices, driver’s licenses, child registration, taxes, business licenses and permits and government authority in general. This book includes documents you can serve on the government to secure. Whistleblowers have written many thousands of letters to politicians, government departments, ombudspeople and the like. Indeed, some individual.


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Brian Martin Whistleblowers have written many thousands of letters to politicians, government departments, ombudspeople and the like. Indeed, some individual whistleblowers have written hundreds of letters to authorities on their own. Is this a worthwhile method of getting results?

Letters to Browsers Regarding Government Certificate Authorities

Letters can be about corruption, dangers to the public or whatever the correspondent letters to authorities concerned about. They can also be to protest against attacks on whistleblowers.

Speaking to a politician face-to-face or by phone often can produce better results than a letter, though even in letters to authorities cases a follow-up letter is useful.

But letters to authorities can be quite difficult to actually get to speak to a politician. As well, a letter has the advantage of providing a permanent record. If you write a letter to the Prime Minister or some other minister, it is normally referred to the relevant department.

It is passed down the bureaucratic hierarchy to some public servant who is assigned the responsibility of drafting a reply.


The draft is then passed back up the hierarchy, sometimes being modified on the way. It is quite unusual for a minister to actually read a reply, even when his or her name goes at the bottom of the letter, which is not very often for "important" politicians. What you receive letters to authorities a response letters to authorities some public servant.

I talked to three public servants who gave me candid comments on how the system operates.


I'll start with the most optimistic account. Chris letters to authorities a relatively new public servant who drafts replies to letters written to a leading minister. She is told by others to be as bland as possible.

However, she prefers to be more conscientious. As well as finding out the other side of the story to that of the letter-writer, she sometimes will follow up the issue by ringing other departments to letters to authorities that some action is taken.

For example, if the matter falls within the jurisdiction of a state government, she will write a note or ring relevant people to make sure they respond, instead of just writing back to the letter-writer to say that the matter is one for the state government. She says that a small percentage of public servants go out of their way to help letter-writers, but most letters to authorities perfunctory responses.

Chris recommends that letter-writers ask one or two specific questions. For example, "Is the minister aware of X?

What are you going to do about it? I'm looking forward to your answer.

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  • Writing to authorities: is it worthwhile? by Brian Martin

She also says that there is lots of shuffling of letters between departments to find the right place. Therefore, you should find letters to authorities beforehand exactly who you should write to.

How to Write a Letter to Authority: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Letters to authorities, send copies to other departments to make sure you are not fobbed off. Chris also recommends sending copies to opposition ministers. Thomas has years of experience in a major government department.

He says that an individual person's complaint is normally ignored letters to authorities dismissed. The department can stall by interpreting regulations differently, not responding, delaying through referral to committees, and a host of other methods. Public servants are trained in how to respond to protect current policy, in other words how to lie.

In Thomas's view, writing letters will only have an impact if the writer represents a powerful force, such as a large number of people or prestigious figures such as judges, in which case writing may not be required anyway. The other time writing can have an impact is when potentially damaging disclosures might be made unless action is taken.


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