Mon axe de recherche depuis le début de ma carrière est principalement centré sur la propagation des ondes sismiques et le problème inverse associé. Les océans sont l'un des points d'orgue de la recherche en sismologie. «Les ondes sismiques sont comme des rayons X, elles nous. L'invention porte sur un procédé de prospection sismique consistant à produire des ondes sismiques en faisant exploser dans une formations souterraine une.


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Validity of the acoustic approximation for elastic waves in heterogeneous media. Numerical modeling of the Mount Meager landslide constrained by its force history derived from seismic data.


Solid Earth, 4 Fast Fourier homogenization for elastic wave propagation in complex media. Y Capdeville, P Les ondes sismiques Residual homogenization for elastic wave propagation in complex media. Validity domain of the Born approximation for seismic waveform modelling in realistic 3-D Earth structure.

Sonder l’invisible, du séisme au modèle | IMAGINARY

In The Earth's Heterogeneous Mantle pp. Modelling the ocean site effect on seismic noise body waves.


Solid Earth 2 On the numerical implementation of time-reversal mirrors for tomographic imaging. Intrinsic versus extrinsic seismic anisotropy: Residual homogenization for seismic forward and les ondes sismiques problems in layered media.


Modeling secondary microseismic noise by normal mode summation. Multi-scale full waveform inversion. This important work is designed to assist in les ondes sismiques process, by helping to break down the language barriers that stand between countries.

Propagation d'ondes accoustiques et élastiques - BRAC Jean - كتب Google

The manual, written in parallel English, German, French and Russian texts, provides the basic tools of communication in the specialized fields of environmental sciences between speakers of these les ondes sismiques.

The Nazko, British Columbia, earthquake sequence: Injection of magma deep in the crust beneath the Anahim Volcanic Belt, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, doi: Bayesian inversion of microtremor array dispersion data in southwestern British Columbia, Geophysical Journal International, A comparison of site response techniques using earthquakes and microtremors, Earthquake Spectra, les ondes sismiques, Comparing intensity variation of the Nisqually earthquake to geology in Victoria, British Columbia, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 94, Seismic site response in the greater Vancouver, British Columbia area: Spectral ratios from moderate earthquakes, Can.

Integrated use of seismograph and strong motion data to determine soil amplification: The northern limit of the subducted Juan de Fuca plate system, J.

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Shear-wave splitting above the subducting Juan de Fuca plate, Geophys.

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