Learn Useable PHP in 14 Days: The Way PHP Should Be Taught You'll Learn PHP Easily! Dear Friend. My name Peter I work at: Category. Education. License. Standard YouTube License. Javascript (14 - 21 days). that is the hero which will change almost anything you had constructed utilising the above two. So that you have got to gain knowledge.


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As the name explicitly states, this is a great reference for those who prefer lessons that adopt a more practical approach.

The 50 Best Websites to Learn PHP

Killer PHP This is one of those eccentric wildcards that actually turns out to be remarkably useful. Why is it eccentric or strange?

Well, unlike most of the other tutorials here you jump right in and start playing around with PHP. In fact, the style and presentation are almost identical. Once again, it should be used as a reference as opposed to a step-by-step tutorial or guide.

Why did it make the list? Getting Started with PHP by Randy Hoyt Treehouse is one of our favorite online coding schools, which explains why this lesson made the list. Learn php in 14 days actually walks you through the process of using PHP to build an ecommerce store.

There are quite a few specific tutorials that teach you how to use PHP to do things like functions, loops, generate forms, call upon simple math functions, use time and calendars, redirect URLs and pages, and enable countdowns.

SitePoint PHP SitePoint takes a more modern approach with their guides and tutorialswhich are offered in an article-like format.

The 50 Best Websites to Learn PHP

Outdated information can often cause issues and propagate bad practices while coding particularly with new coders. In other words, depending on what you need you might be able to find pre-existing components to use or even learn with.

PHP Cheatsheets This is a reference learn php in 14 days intermediate to advanced coders that might need help with variable comparisons, arithmetics, and variable testing throughout various versions of PHP.

There are hundreds learn php in 14 days tutorials, spanning years of lessons. New content is added weekly — if not daily — and it covers a wide range of PHP-related topics.

How much days are needed to learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP? - Quora

The PHP Training section covers a wide variety of topics, with course levels ranging all the way from beginner to expert.

Student discounts are available.


The site is still under construction, which means some of the later tutorials are still being revamped and new stuff has yet to be added. PHP Freaks Learn php in 14 days site is great for any skill learn php in 14 days, and includes over snippets of usable code that you can either use with existing projects or study to learn PHP.

Give it a try, you might be surprised at what you find on the PHP Freaks site. PHPVideoTutorials This site offers a handful of PHP-related video tutorials that range from about 6 minutes to 22 minutes long — depending on the lesson.

When used in combination with any number of the other sites found here, it could be considered invaluable to learning PHP.

The videos are actually hosted via YouTube and embed on the site, but the website provides a much easier way — and more organized way — to pull up the different courses. The lessons include an introduction to PHP, working with variables, conditional logic, HTML forms, programming learn php in 14 days and finally arrays.


Their specialized PHP resources will take you through easy, medium and hard tutorials ranging from beginner to expert coding levels. However, there are plenty of code snippets that you can use during personal exercises.

It would be best suited for intermediate to advanced programmers.

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