Kone has recently launched the Kone Maxi-space, which eliminates the need for a counterweight in the elevator, thereby freeing up enough. KONE MaxiSpace™ is built especially for existing buildings, either to replace an existing elevator or to install an elevator where there wasn't one before. The following table lists KONE products and provides links to KONE PDM. To access PDM, go to KONE Business KONE MaxiSpace® RS.


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The meeting will be kone maxi-space in Finnish. A telephone conference designed especially for journalists, conducted in English, will begin at 3: Kone maxi-spaceKone made a partnership with Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation to made machine room less elevator system for Toshiba.


InToshiba associated with Kone to make double deck elevator. Another such elevators were kone maxi-space in TaipeiTaipei, Taiwan.

They also strengthen their alliance kone maxi-space escalator production in China in [4]. In JuneKone launched a new high-rise elevator technology, called KONE UltraRopewhich enables future elevator travel heights of 1 kilometer about.


Because of these qualities, elevator energy consumption in high-rise buildings can be cut significantly. It kone maxi-space a machine-room-less elevator full-replacement solution which can replace an old elevator in as little as two weeks compared to the industry average of six, significantly improving the comfort of residents living in multi-floor buildings.

kone maxi-space

KONE MaxiSpace Lift

Kone ProSpace is designed for smaller buildings that previously did not have any elevators, and the elevator space is very efficient compared to a normal elevator. Notable products Main article: Kone maxi-space commonly used the M buttons fixture line with proprietary traction or hydraulic equipments.

Kone maxi-space, Underwood freely admits that, in the rest of the world, Kone is the leading supplier kone maxi-space escalators and yet, in South Africa, it is the smallest.

For some reason this market is extremely cheap when it comes to escalators and we were not ready for that. For example, of the 4.

On Diseño - Products: MaxiSpace by Kone

The panel comes in a stylish Asturias Satin F finish. Thanks to automatic transmission of the equipment location, our operator is able to dispatch the service New ceilings come with 4 LED spots providing the same luminance Handrail Handrail is available on rear wall and side walls.

Handrail can be used with all mirror types. HR50 made of aluminium, with straight ends Kone maxi-space made of stainless steel, with straight ends HR53 made of stainless steel, with rounded ends EN kone maxi-space HR54 made kone maxi-space wood, with straight ends Mirrors

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