A basic step by step guide on installing exterior bifold doors in your home. Also covers removing and adjusting bifold doors. Replacing sliding closet doors with easy to open bifold doors allows full access to the closet Man with. Sliding doors can be unattractive and inconvenient. Why not install bifold doors in your closets instead? Follow our step-by-step guide for frustration-free.


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Once the curve is acceptable varying from around 5mm at each jamb to 0 in the middle finish tightening your screws and congratulations, the hardest part is done!


Next you'll need to attach the hinges, which is far from an exact process, and will depend on your specific installing bifold doors bifold doors set. You should have received some instructions with your purchase, so please consult them!

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At this point, if your doors have shipped with a multipoint lock you'll also want to install this before you hang your bifold doors. In preparation for the doors themselves, installing bifold doors carrier hinges and pivots need to be fitted into your top track in the right order which should be relayed to you in the instruction supplied with your doors through the cut-outs that can be at one or both ends of the top installing bifold doors, depending on your individual setup.

The top and bottom blocks of the pivot hinges should be positioned so the adjustment screws can be reached after the bifold doors have been hung. Once the hinges, the carrier hinges and pivots have been installed, you're good to go!

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All of the guide work should have been done for you by this point, so it should be rather self explanatory work actually mounting the doors themselves. Just remember to make sure that you adjust the top and bottom pivot hinges to ensure the each previous door is vertical before attempting to hang the next one and make sure that your doors are fitted to the pivot hinges first using the pre-drilled pivot holes.

At this point, we should mention that no bifold door installing bifold doors will ever be exactly installing bifold doors same as another, so you should really pay attention to the instructions that come with your doors, as vague and confusing installing bifold doors they might seem at first.

How To Remove Exterior Bifold Doors Considering the effort you've just gone through installing your exterior bifold doors, the idea of removing them is probably the last thing on your mind right now, but there might be a pre-existing system you need to get rid of.

The general steps shouldn't be that different to removing internal bifold doors, only there are more components to worry about and these doors will be heavy, so you might want some help with this job and you'll definitely want to remove the doors one at a time.

Then it's largely a matter of reversing the steps above, only be sure to installing bifold doors it one step at a time so as not to leave any lasting damage. If you find the process too daunting, you might want to bring in some paid help for this one.

How to Install a Bifold Door With a Current Door Jamb

How To Adjust External Bifold Doors Adjustments to exterior bifold doors are certainly possible, but they are not easy. Still, it's a lot easier installing bifold doors installing or removing them! Adjusting bi fold doors height is probably the simplest change to make.

If installing bifold doors bifold doors are a little uneven, there should be a screw at the lower mounting point to adjust the height with. All you'll need is a small wrench or allen key and a pair of pliers!

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There might also be bolts installing bifold doors the top you'll need to adjust, and then it's a matter of trial and error until you've got it just right. If your bifold door isn't square with the opening, meanwhile, you'll need to loosen the screws that hold the top door bolt and slide the assembly left or right in the track until it lines up.

How to Install a Bifold Door With a Current Door Jamb | Home Guides | SF Gate

Trace the outline of the bracket on the floor. Screw the bracket into the floor. Some types may mount on the floor and jamb.


Follow the directions of your manufacturer for the exact installing bifold doors for your hardware. Follow the manufacturer's directions for trimming the door prior to hanging the door.

Typically you will remove material from the hinge sides of the solid doors using a table saw, and remount the hinges.

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