He would call himself the Chevalier Mai Fet-- the Ill-Made. Knight. So far as he could see--and he felt that there must be some reason for it somewhere--the. "The Ill-Made Knight" is a fantasy novel by British writer T. H. White, the third book in the series The Once and Future King. It was first published in , but is  Series‎: ‎The Once and Future King. In the opening pages of The Ill-Made Knight, Lancelot is in his family's armory, inspecting his visage in a kettle hat and reflecting on his own.


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Sometimes it is like the Black Plague — all death and horror.


Sometimes it has an element of ill made knight. Through William we experience first-hand the carnage of the Battle of Poitiers, the depredations of routiers, the bloody revolt of the Jacquerie and the growth of the great mercenary companies.

Although ill made knight path to knighthood takes many twists and turns, Will Gold never lets go of his dream.


Whitea retelling of the Arthurian legends which includes as "Book 3" The Ill-Made Knight, about Sir Lancelot's struggle to attain the chivalric ideal in an imperfect world.

In order to please her husband, Guinevere tries to befriend Lancelot and the two ill made knight fall in love.

White's version of the tale elaborates greatly on the passionate love of Ill made knight and Guinevere. Suspense is provided by the tension between Lancelot's friendship for King Arthur and his love for and affair with the queen.

The Ill-Made Knight (Chivalry, #1) by Christian Cameron

This affair leads inevitably to the breaking of the Round Table and sets up the tragedy that is to follow in the concluding ill made knight of the tetralogy - The Candle in the Wind.

Lancelot leaves Camelot to aid people in need.

Along the way, he meets a woman who begs him to climb a tree and rescue her husband's escaped falcon. After he removes his armor and does so, the husband appears and reveals that he only wanted Lancelot to remove his armor so that he can kill the knight. Ill made knight being at a disadvantage, Lancelot manages to kill the man and tells the ill made knight "Stop crying.

Your husband was a fool and you are a bore.

I'm not sorry" though he reflects that he is. Later, he comes across a man attempting to murder his wife for adultery. Lancelot attempts to protect the woman who denies the charges by riding in between the two; however the man manages to cut off his wife's head.

The man then throws himself at Lancelot's feet and asks for mercy to avoid being killed. It was revealed later that the man ill made knight punished by being charged to take his wife's head to the Pope and ask for forgiveness. I ill made knight know if that was the case here. Maybe the character similarities are purely coincidence.

Maybe to others ill made knight is no similarity and it is just me.

The Ill-Made Knight

Comparisons, uniqueness and criticisms aside and there are criticism - they are yet to come in this reviewthis was a fantastic book and promises to be a brilliant series. It will find fertile ground with a ill made knight new fan base that the author has not yet tapped into since so far his books not including his novella ebook only things, ill made knight I don't regard them as books have all been set in Ancient eras.

This is the book, and the series, that will get ill made knight the attention of the Medieval reader. I gave the book 4 stars out of 5 and, suffice it to say, I do have my criticisms. Firstly, let's get the most offensive one out of the way.

I do not ever think there is any reason why an author need go into too much description when writing a child rape scene. The child rape is briefly described and yet so vividly described. Readers are a smart enough bunch.

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