Showalter's clunky third Angels of the Dark paranormal (after Beauty Awakened) centers on Thane, one of the thousand-year-old winged. Read Burning Dawn read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Burning Dawn is a Fantasy novel by Gena Showalter. New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter returns with a sizzling Angels of the Dark tale about a winged warrior renowned for his ruthlessness, and the.


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So when gena showalter burning dawn witnesses Thane making a bid for freedom, she decides assisting his escape may be her ticket out of the horror her life has become.

Once their escape has been made, Thane takes Elin back to his home, providing her with a job and living accommodations.

Elin still mourns the loss of her husband in the Phoenix attack, but she cannot deny her attraction to the arresting angel. But the Phoenix have not forgiven the escapees nor forgotten them.


The Angels of the Dark series is somewhat of a spinoff of the Lords of the Underworld series and there is some crossover in this book. It was nice to see some familiar characters pop in for a visit.

Kendra, a powerful seductive Phoenix, has captured Gena showalter burning dawn and is using him as a slave, bound to do everything she wishes.

Elin gets her wish but Thane is consumed by his gena showalter burning dawn to revenge the phoenix.

Read Burning Dawn read free novels online by Gena Showalter | Full Books

Not just Kendra but all of them… I loved, loved this book. Thane was nothing as I expected him to be.


Thane is not the monster he thinks he is. However, as I kept reading I realized that she indeed was.

Elin changes throughout the book. Because of his past, Thane has an insatiable need for violence during sex yet has gena showalter burning dawn problem finding women who want to fulfill his needs which is good since he tires of them easily. He owns an immortal bar called the Downfall where gena showalter burning dawn also lives and finds a lot of his bed mates.

One such sex partner, Kendra, seeks revenge on Thane after he kicks her out of his bed and returns her to her Phoenix camp.

Reviews by Author

She has the power to addict anyone to her by using the poison she has in her body and she can also change her appearance so she tricks Thane into sleeping with her by pretending to be different women. She enslaves him and takes him back to her camp where all he can think about is being with Kendra because he is so caught up in the gena showalter burning dawn of his addiction.

Elin Vale is half human and half Phoenix which is an abomination to the Phoenix race. After the Phoenix killed her father and husband of three months, they took Elin and her mother gena showalter burning dawn where they used her mother for breeding and Elin as a slave.

Burning Dawn — All About Romance

Then her mother died, leaving Elin alone to gena showalter burning dawn abused by the Phoenix. She helps him and Thane does help her escape but because Thane has such a hate for all things Phoenix, she decides not to tell him that she is half Phoenix. He believes she is only human.

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