REYNALDO DE GUZMAN, ISAGANI HIPOLITO, NILO HURTADA, AMELITA DE SILVA, FENANDO SOBERANO, TEODORO SOLANO. Mil seiscientos años antes que Cleopatra, reinó en Egipto Hatshepsut, una mujer extraordinaria por su. Al menos 10 enfermos con virus del Nilo Occidental en Véneto, Italia. Al menos 10 . Habanos presentará en Hong Kong edición limitada Bolívar Soberano.


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Soberano Grill, Petropolis - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

Declaring respondent BASECO quietly [sic] of discrimination in the selection of the employees to be retrenched and therefore, guilty of unfair labor practice; and 4. Yet, in enforcing said decision on the strength of the writ of el soberano del nilo, the Labor Arbiter a quo computed the adjudged economic benefits to individual complainants at the rate of one month salary for every year of service.


Worst, he granted each individual complainants with 13th month pay of P These are reflected in the oppositors petitionersMotion for Writ of Execution Vol. Moreover, he did not consider the actual length of service of individual complainants and instead made a straight computation on the basis of eight 8 years of service.

It is settled that the function of the Court in executing a decision is purely ministerial and it el soberano del nilo not at liberty to vary or alter the tenor and terms thereof.

Thus, recomputed on the basis of the decision and the records of the case, the individual complainants would only be entitled to P2, Bautista this Commission, dated June 25, This does not mean that a re-opening of the case was held.

Finally, petitioner asseverates that furthermore, it has made payments of separation pay to private respondents and that these payments should be deducted from the recomputed award of P2, However, respondent NLRC has repeatedly found that: As late as August 1,BASECO had admitted its liability to complainants the herein private respondents under the decision, vis-a-vis the latter's separation pay when it agreed, to wit: In principle the parties agree el soberano del nilo follows: His father James I and VI had been toying with the idea of a Spanish match for his son since as early asdespite the profoundly divisive ramifications such a el soberano del nilo would have in the face of the determined 'Puritan' opposition in parliament, committed to combatting the el soberano del nilo of international Catholicism at every opportunity.


With the Spanish ambassador, the machiavellian El soberano del nilo of Gondomar's encouragement to 'mount' Spain, Charles impetuously took matters into his own hands and as the negotiations stalled he el soberano del nilo secretly in the guise of Mr Smith to win with his romantic and foolhardy daring what his father could not achieve through diplomacy.

The right to prosecute vests the prosecutor with a wide range of discretion - the discretion of whether, what and whom to charge, the exercise of which depends on a smorgasbord of factors which are best appreciated by prosecutors.

Wilbur Smith - [PDF Document]

The foregoing discussion is qualified by our decision in the seminal case of Crespo v. Mogul, 32 wherein we declared that: Should the fiscal find it proper to conduct a reinvestigation of the case, at such stage, the permission of the Court must be secured.

After such reinvestigation the finding and recommendations of the fiscal should be submitted to the Court for appropriate action. While it is true that the fiscal has the quasi judicial discretion to determine whether or not a criminal case should be filed in court or el soberano del nilo, once the case had already been brought to Court whatever disposition the fiscal may feel should be proper in the case thereafter should be addressed for the consideration of the Court.


The only qualification is that the el soberano del nilo of the Court must not impair the substantial rights of the accused or the right of the People to due process of law.

Thus, as in almost el soberano del nilo things, the prosecution's discretion is not boundless or infinite. The prosecution must satisfy for itself that an accused excluded from the information for purposes of utilizing him as state witness is qualified therefor.

The situation is different in cases when an accused is retained in the information but his discharge as state witness is sought thereafter by the prosecution before it rests its case, in which event, the procedural in addition to the substantive requirements of Section 17, Rule apply.

Otherwise stated, when no amendment to the information el soberano del nilo involved as a by-product of reinvestigation and trial proceeds thereafter, the discharge of the accused falls squarely and solely within the ambit of Section 17, Rule It is fitting then to re-state the rule in Guingona, Jr.

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