RAIN SKY M Rain panel for flush ceiling installation, manual control. Article number: +49 0 FAX +49 E-MAIL: [email protected] Bath & Spa. RAIN SKY E rain panel for ceiling installation. Article number: Page 1 of 5. ALOYS F. DORNBRACHT GMBH & CO KG. Thanks to their separate control systems BIG RAIN, like RAIN SKY E and RAIN SKY M, are the only rain panels with the option of switching off the head spray to.


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Gently press the button to start the desired shower choreography.

  • TechniPlan Intelligence by Dornbracht. RainSky E - PDF
  • Luxury Shower Sensory Sky ATT / Bathroom & Spa / Dornbracht
  • Dornbracht Overhead Showers
  • BigRain Overhead rain-shower spray system
  • PDF catalogue

Luxury shower scenarios What does mist feel like? What does nature smell like? What does warm summer rain look like?

BigRain Overhead rain-shower spray system by Dornbracht | STYLEPARK

Mist and gentle rain reduce the daily flood of stimuli to a soothing minimum — until the gentle light of dawn begins, the sky gradually clears and perception becomes more aware and intense once again. The fresh-woody meadow herbs and sweet-fruity hints of berries that compose the luxury shower are reminiscent of the pleasantly soft fragrance of a dry forest floor, and boost the feeling of revival after your shower.

Pent-up energies are discharged in an expressive choreography of different kinds of rain, and invigorating changes in the temperature dornbracht rainsky e lighting of the luxury shower. The alternation of cool and warm water in the rain curtain and the fascinating interaction of a summer shower and sheet lightning encourages a feeling of release — accompanied by a refreshing, seemingly tropical fragrance with hints of citrus and an earthy base - a new beginning for body, mind and soul.

The outer, warm rain curtain of the luxury shower becomes a projection screen for the light effects, as water droplets dornbracht rainsky e in all the colours of the rainbow.

Added to this is a poetic composition of fragrance, which combines fresh and clear notes with a spicy-sweet and woody finish.

The fragrance module exudes aromas to further support the particular scenario. There are two fragrance nozzles dornbracht rainsky e the rain panel through which the fragrant air reaches the shower separately from the water.

Dornbracht Overhead Showers REUTER Shop

Of course, the fragrance can also be switched off completely. The water is still cold when, after a three-second delay, it runs from the pipes.


Once dornbracht rainsky e water temperature reaches 38 C, dornbracht rainsky e green LED stops flashing and stays on permanently.

The volume button regulates the amount of water within the range prescribed by the electronics and the temperature button regulates the warmth of the water.

You only have to turn them. To prevent the user accidentally setting too high a temperature for the water, scald protection limits the maximum temperature to 42 C. To deliberately exceed the temperature limit, you first have to press and release the temperature button.


You must then press it again within three seconds and by simultaneously turning it, you can set the temperature you require.

If you do not wish to make use of the scenarios, the rain curtain, head spray, body spray, mist, light and hand shower functions dornbracht rainsky e also be dornbracht rainsky e individually by using the relevant buttons.

TechniPlan Intelligence by Dornbracht. RainSky E

It is the dornbracht rainsky e interface between the rainfall experience and the technology inside and unites all the functions.

This is where the electronic thermostat valve, the magnetic valves and the fragrance and mist nozzles are located with the pressure regulator. They have a sophisticated anti-scale system, which allows deposits to be removed simply with a wipe. They can be replaced individually for uncomplicated maintenance.

Whether LED light strips, control cables, terminals, power pack or shower box: There is also scald protection that takes effect from 42 C, to ensure that you do not accidentally set too high a water temperature with the temperature button.

Once the water dornbracht rainsky e cooled down, the shower is again ready for action.

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