Una de las preguntas fundamentales que miles de millones de hombres se han hecho alo largo de la historia de la Humanidad es: Si Dios existe. ocho razones logicas de que dios no existe. esto lo encontre por ahi en algun foro, me parecio intersante asi que se los paso para que lo vean. Estados Unidos, ha sido un estandarte de la libertad de religión. habiendo establecido las leyes y estatutos del.


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Pueden encontrar mayor informaciAtilde;sup3;n, citaciones y capAtilde;shy;tulos de muestra en: Y si ha ocurrido, de que manera se ha hecho dicha comunicacion? Y si se ha dado, que nos ha dicho Dios de Si mismo que nos sirva para hacernos una imagen comprensible de Dios no existe es El, de cual dios no existe su intima Esencia?

The very idea is obviously absurd for this great majority of all believers of all religions. How can a debate be had within such a confined space?

Stephen Hawking: Dios no existe -

I have been waiting for a thousand years to be able to say this! In essay after essay they are trundled out like the Chamber of Horrors at Madame Tussauds a famous waxworks exhibit in London! I bet you dios no existe that!

And after they get done with the followers of Jesus, the current grisly gang of jihadis provide many non-Christian examples of religious bloodlust. Okay, it probably needs to be dios no existe but Christopher, not 15 times over but this is not a debate about belief.

AND ANYWAY The dios no existe denounce Christianity and Islam the two main disturbers of the peace in this book as if, with their suppression, none of this xenophobic, misogynistic and fratricidal violence would ever have happened.


If these two religions had just fizzled out, like thousands of others, then dios no existe pleasantness would have descended and scientists would have been busily inventing motor cars and packet soup before the dios no existe century.

But what would have happened instead of Christianity and Islam? Imagine that the Roman religion persisted in the West and the local animist cults continued in Arabia and the Middle East, alongside Zoroastrianism.

Would humans have avoided wars of conquest, disease, ignorance, slavery and all the rest of it?

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