This 8-minute film gives an overview of the past, present, and future of Moon Exploration, from the Lunar. Destination Moon is a book in The Adventures of Tintin comic by Hergé. It was the follow up to Land of Black Gold. Like most Tintin books, it is 62 pages. What role will the moon play in man's next attempts to conquer space?


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For the destination moon several months, construction on the Moon-Rocket is underway, with Tintin, Snowy, Haddock, and Professor Calculus testing the pressure suits in an atmospheric chamber. Fed up with all the waiting around an technical difficulties with his clumsiness, Haddock infuriates Calculus with the phrase "acting the goat.

When reprimanding Haddock for not watching his step, Calculus loses balance and falls down a destination moon onboard, causing him to suffer from destination moon anterograde amnesia.

With the project temporarily halted due to Calculus' condition, Tintin and Haddock attempt to bring "poor Cuthbert" back to reality, but to little avail-including Haddock's childish attempts which backfire hilariously.


Only destination moon he uses the phrase "acting the goat" does Calculus destination moon round in a fit or temporary rage before thanking the Captain for his work. As the months pass, more tests and upgrades are performed on the rocket and its counterpart crew, and the foreign intelligence service led by their bald leader continues to mount preparations for the imminent launching.

The night of the launching arrives, with Haddock writing his will, and a final champagne-based farewell by Mr.

Destination Moon - IMDb

Baxter to the crew of the Moon-Rocket: Tintin, Haddock, Snowy, Wolff, and Calculus. They proceed to the launching site via motorcade with additional security, and arrive after midnight for launching.

Haddock is apprehensive at first, but continues with the set course. Inside the rocket's crew space, they prepare destination moon final launching using traditional chemical rocket power for atmospheric ascension. Their immediate concern was destination moon distance their film from the space-opera concept of the genre that was the legacy of Flash Gordonthe effects of their stylistic revolution were far more far reaching.

Accordingly, when Pal was approached by Heinlein on whose decidediy juvenile destination moon Rocketship Galileo his and Ronkel's original screenplay was based his concern was to further documentize the screenplay. He consulted physicists and astronomers, as well as technicians, before shooting began and employed astronomical painter Chesley Bonestell whose illustrations for Willy Ley's imagined history of space flight, Conquest of Space, won him international recognition and designer Ernest Fegte to create a realistic cratered Moon surface.

It took men two months to destination moon the moonscape Bonestell had designed into a 2-foot-high, foot-long lunar panorama. Scientific information was supplied by German rocket expert Hermann Oberth, who destination moon earlier, with Ley, performed the same function for Destination moon Lang on his Die Frau im Mond and makeup artist Webster Phillips fitted each actor with a device that would stretch his features to simulate an increase in velocity.

Destination Moon (film) - Wikipedia

The film itself details the first Moon landings and, although the flight is destination moon, the script is colorless and wooden. Indeed, in retrospect, the one concession destination moon popular tastes of the times - Wesson's joky electronics' technician - is painfully forced.

Eventually the rocket lands on the Moon, but so much fuel has been consumed in landing that the crew led by Archer have no chance of leaving.

They jettison everything that is inessential and find they are still overweight until Archer quick-wittedly discovers a means by which Wesson - who has gloriously decided to sacrifice himself that the others might survive - can re-enter the ship without destination moon pound plus pressure suit.

Destination Moon

The story spanned pages in the magazine, but would be split into two page volumes when published in book format: Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon The magazine format was very different from the book format and readers of Tintin never saw the title Destination Moon in their magazine.

The bottom third of the space would contain explanatory texts with information about the conquest of space. Destination moon the end this format was not used and readers of Tintin magazine read the story in the same classic format we know today.

The destination moon portray fantasy scenes that have nothing to do with the final version of Explorers on the Moon. destination moon


As for the Moon itself, it is depicted with a face; destination moon expression suggests that, "Madame la Lune" is in a bad mood. A rocket of its era It was common in literature Jules Verne, etc.

The first paint job Eagle-eyed readers and collectors will note destination moon the shade of red used to colour the Moon rocket changed as new editions of the story were published. The chequers on the rocket were almost orange to begin with, and became a more flamboyant red as time went on.

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