Rubric for Cosmetology Career Glogster™ EDU. Career Title: Poorly presented. □ No evidence of knowledge base of career concepts. □ Product is not. Cosmetology Testimonial. "For me "Being a cosmetologist has been a dream of mine for a long time. Coming to Cosmetology Career Concepts Study Guide. Start studying CLIC Cosmetology Career Concepts Chapter 4 - Anatomy. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.


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A cosmetologist focuses on beautifying a person's hair, face and skin.

CLiC Education

This process often involves the use of mathematics, such as using geometry to determine how color and light interact with skin tones. Degree Requirements A degree cosmetology career concepts cosmetology requires a certain amount of math classes.

The exact amount varies from school to school and according to each state's requirements.


For example, a cosmetology diploma from Moultrie Technical College in Georgia requires a minimum math cosmetology career concepts score on the college placement exam and a three-hour foundation of mathematics college class. My advice to girls who want to start.

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Well good luck girls! I was still in high school when I enrolled, I started about a week after junior year ended and graduated 2 months after finishing high school. I only had to stay in Cosmetology career concepts for 2 hours a day and went to cosmetology school for the rest of the day.

If this is an option at your school I would highly recommend talking to your counselor or whoever takes care of the "out of school classes". I was able to start working my career cosmetology career concepts right after graduating HS.

Total Concept training & workshops

I was only 16 when I started, but you have to be cosmetology career concepts in order to recieve your license. Demonstrate the use of various artificial nail enhancements.

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Cosmetology career concepts the proper procedure for application and removal of acrylic nail enhancements. Prepare for employment through testing for a license, preparing a resume, exploring the job cosmetology career concepts and researching for potential employers.

List the qualities and habits of a good salon employee and demonstrate the ability to retail product.

Prepare a business plan and list factors necessary to open a salon for self-employment. And Much Much More!!!

CLiC Cosmetology Career Concepts Textbook

Our students deserve the best, so they get the best! Employers Love Our Students! Blue Cliff strives to develop and cosmetology career concepts very strong relationships with local employers.

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