The FPDF site. FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP, that is to say without using The tutorials will give you a quick start. This tutorial demonstrates how to use Aspose for Cloud to convert specified page of a PDF document to JPG image using PHP. Aspose for. It's definitely the best HTML/CSS to PDF converter out there, although it's not free (But hey, your We wrote a small tutorial here. . 3) enter FinalFolder, and there will be the converted files (as many pages, as the source PDF had..).php - HTML to wordpress Converting Pages.


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The data is grouped into events, where each event holds a number of games.


Within the events tag is a series of event tags, within which are multiple game tags. These game tags include the names of each of the two teams playing and their scores during the game. DOM calls are then used to traverse all of the event and game tags to build an array of events.

How to Convert Word Documents to HTML Pages using REST API + PHP

Within each element of the array is a hash table that includes the name of the event and an array of the games played. The structure is basically an in-memory version of the structure of the XML.

To test that this convert pages to pdf php tutorial works, you will build an HTML export page that uses the getResults function to read the file, then outputs the data as a series of HTML tables.

Listing 3 shows the PHP code for this test.

Convert any URL or Web Page to PDF Online

The derby results in HTML This result even uses bold font for the winning teams to make it easy to see which team won which event. The first step is to download the Convert pages to pdf php tutorial library and install it in the same directory as the existing set of application files.

Actually, you can install it wherever you like as long it's in the PHP library path.


The first thing the script does is set the location of the FPDF fonts directory using the define statement. It then brings in the FPDF library using the require statement. Figure 2 shows the result when everything works properly.

Now that the PDF rendering works, it's time to merge it with the roller derby results file and see what you can generate dynamically. Listing 5 shows the first version of this merging.

Convert HTML To PDF in PHP The Easy Way | Pdfcrowd

Within that subclass, we create a new method called EventTable that builds a table of results for a given event. In this case, we start small and just put out the name of the event.

That name is wrapped in a foreach loop at the bottom of the script that adds a page for each event, then invokes the EventTable method. Also, we need to provide a font object while we add text contents. The line method draws a line from point X1,Y1 to X2,X2.

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  • How to Convert Word Documents to HTML Pages using REST API + PHP
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Notice that the color value we provided is not an actual RGB value. To get a better approximation, you can divide it by When the PDF renders, the footer section will look like this: Dompdf is not really tolerant of poorly-formed HTML, and large tables can easily cause you to run out of memory.

If you need features which are not supported convert pages to pdf php tutorial Dompdf, something like wkhtmltopdf might be a better solution for you.

PDF Functions

Still, Dompdf is fairly simple and suitable for the majority of PDF export needs. Feel free to leave your questions and share your experiences in the comments section.


Comments on this article are closed. Web pages are much smarter and more dynamic now than they have ever been and conversions must account for this.

A Web page can have a timeline to animate the delivered content.

Using the 'delay' setting of this package will allow you to set the milliseconds the service should wait before considering the content ready for conversion, allowing any animation or other tasks to complete. A Web page can deliver different content depending on the browser and device being used.

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