Circus Ponies Software made Circus Ponies NoteBook, the electronic notebook that helped you take great notes, manage any project, and stay super organized. Circus Ponies NoteBook app for ios. Download Circus Ponies in AppCrawlr! Given that Circus Ponies Notebook died recently, it was time to look for an . The iOS app works beautifully (tested it on my iPhone 5s).


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It is a bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for. I spend so much time circus ponies notebook ipa notes and ferreting away information that the solution I choose has to be very powerful and stable and I need to know that it is going to be around for a few years.

OmniOutliner hits all of those points for me.

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I recommend biting the bullet and buying both the iOS version OmniOutliner 2 and the Mac version if you circus ponies notebook ipa like me and need to take notes everywhere you go.

For my work purposes I only use the Mac version and keep all the data locally on my machine to get around the sensitive data issue I described earlier.


I recommend buying OmniOutliner for Mac directly from the OmniGroup's website rather than the Mac App Store circus ponies notebook ipa you will circus ponies notebook ipa discounted upgrades when new versions of the app are released and discounts are not possible through the Mac App Store.

There is an excellent article over at Organizing Creativity that goes into great details about how you can do this. I have no intention of trying to duplicate any of that great work here so just give that article a read.

circus ponies notebook ipa I will warn you that using OmniOutliner for replacing Circus Ponies Notebook is not for the faint of heart. It is going to take a bit of fiddling and you will need to create some templates in order to really do it right, but in my opinion this is the best "power user" solution moving forward and it keeps your data in a format that quite future proof.

There are actually quite a few app that have "notebook" features and Outline by Gorillized is just one those app. But there are two things that make this app stand out. The first being that they actually developed a Circus Ponies Notebook importer, so you can directly import all of your old Circus Ponies Notebooks into the Outline app.

The outlines are easily readable on iOS devices. Circus ponies notebook ipa expand and fold cells.

Circus Ponies NoteBook app for ios – Review & Download .IPA file

You should also be able to open OmniOutliner files via your Webbrowser both local. Adding media files to subcell child-cells: In CPN, when you close fold a parent-cell to hide is child-cells, it expands automatically when you add files circus ponies notebook ipa it. OO expands it the first time, but when you close it, it stays closed.

This allows you to quickly add files to different parent cells. But when you close it, you can add further images without expanding and closing. That circus ponies notebook ipa not seem much when it comes to two Projects, but imagine 10 or You can see the actual text in the Contents window: With the Contents window, you can drill down into the text.


The plus side is that you can drill down, but on the negative side the Contents window can become circus ponies notebook ipa even with truncated text. I suggest using only headers, not longer text on the top level of the outline.

Circus Ponies Notebook Alternative – OmniOutliner | ORGANIZING CREATIVITY

You can, for example, expand all cells, then use the Contents window to focus on a specific subheader. Or expand and collapse cells selectively on the level you have focused circus ponies notebook ipa. Make sure you have clicked on the main window, not the Contents window, when you expand all cells.

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