Por Marco Filippetti. Este post sai 1 comentário Estão queimando os estoques e o livro CCNA está saindo por R$ 4 comentários. Passed the BSCI exam - 1/4 for CCNP Who monitors the comments in the blog Marco Filippetti may have noticed that I said have marked the race BSCI. Now. Exam: - CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate. Size: MB. Posted: Monday, September 4, Download: Cisco. lab (acl 1 acl 2 eigrp 2).


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Chapter 4 How to prepare for the lab.

Dicas de preparação: CCIE Lab

I had almost exclusive access to their lab kit every day, and I used it. I chose to use NetmasterClass http: Another factor was their quick and detailed response to the change in the labs — Ccna 4 1 marco filippetti am not afraid of IPv6 I actually rather like it — sad geek that I have become!

The DoIts you can do in whatever manner you prefer…. Do print them out and scribble all over them. Tick every requirement in every sentence of every subsection ccna 4 1 marco filippetti every section as you do them. Remember that in the exam the sections are all interlinked, so it unlikely that you can do the exam in the same order as the sections.

This stops mistakes and saves time. Perfect your diagrams and methods.

Mess around with what ifs and how comes. Try doing both methods, alternatively. NetmasterClass have a forum for every lab, where you can discuss your results, and any questions you have on either the ccna 4 1 marco filippetti or the ccna 4 1 marco filippetti key are always answered promptly and with detail and helpful advice Alexei — if you read this group, thank you very much indeed for all your feedback and advice.

Then there were the CheckIts. These were just brilliant. I really think they made the difference for me. Remote 8 hour labs that are graded with great detail.

Dicas de preparação: CCIE Lab – Blog CloudCampus Networking Academy

You get a great wad of feedback about your performance and grading in all the sections, plus a detailed discussive answer key. The thing that the CheckIt labs did for me was to put me under the same sort of pressure as the real thing. I even did a couple with the TV on in the background to teach me not to be distracted by my surrounding.

Get your marks up ccna 4 1 marco filippetti the 80s and you will go into the real thing with Confidence.


These labs are Tricky and sometimes Downright Devious, if not Evil. Just like the real thing can be. They taught me how the thing works.

They taught me how to use my time. They taught me how ccna 4 1 marco filippetti spot conflicts between sections ah the great Frame Relay interface v. OSPF network type connundrum. They are sneakily written and you learn to recognise the signs of getting setup for something e. You might even like to think of them as Network Sudoko.

Some very clever puzzles are to be found in the pages of the DoIts and CheckIts.

Formulario de Contato

Remember you are learning, testing, and practising all at the same time. Make sure you have a good line of ccna 4 1 marco filippetti with them. Above all, as everyone says, Practise.

This would include your own shorthands for diagraming and marking out redistributions.

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