Reset Password. Cannot log in? Forgot your password for account? You can reset your password if you forget it. Reset. Reset Account Password [Account Name: ; New Password: password>; Expire password]. Options. •Account Name allows you to specify the. Select Require administrator to change password on first login to require all administrators to change the password upon initial log in. Administrators must know.


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If the user wants to become a federated buka password account again, their account must be deleted then recreated again as a new federated user via the Active Directory Connector. To preserve the user's LastPass account data, the user must log in and export their Vault before buka password account is deleted so that they can restore it once recreated.

See below for more information.

Reset your password

Click on the email address of the user, then click the More icon and select Super admin master password reset. When prompted, buka password OK.

Enter your own Master Password, then click Submit. Enter a new password, then re-enter it to confirm.

Password Reset FAQ for Intel® Education Products

Optionally, you can click Change the user's email to also update their LastPass username. You can choose to uncheck the box to disable the "Force password change on next login" option, as it is enabled by default buka password security best practices. If you have been added as a super admin in your account's policies and not seeing the "Super admin master password reset" option for a user, it may mean that the user has not buka password logged out of their active LastPass session.

You can force the user to log offbuka password advise them to log back in to their account via the LastPass web browser extension not the website.

Reset Your Password

Once they have done so, you can refresh the User buka password in the Admin Console and try again. Once a federated user's Master Password has been reset, the user must log in and export their Vault before their account is deleted and buka password as a new federated user again, otherwise the user will remain a non-federated user.

In order to convert them back to a federated user, their account must be deleted then recreated again via the LastPass Active Directory Connector.


For this reason, once the user's Master Password has been reset, it is required that the user logs in and exports their Buka password prior to their account being deleted so that their LastPass data can be fully restored after they are recreated as a federated user buka password again.

To preserve the user's account data, do the following: Reset the user's Master Password. Once the user has logged in to their account, they buka password export their LastPass account data.

The wait makes it harder for someone else to take over your account with a stolen password. Where buka password we contact you? We'll send you an email to verify that you have access to it.

About PINs and Passwords

Check your email for a message from the Microsoft account team, and enter the code here. If you find your old security buka password before then, you can use it to sign back in and cancel the waiting period.

Submitting request Buka password your new recovery code If you ever need to recover access to your account again, this code will help. You should buka password it or write it down, and store it in a safe place.

We strongly recommend that you don't store your recovery code on a device.

Password Reset FAQ for Intel® Education Products

If you previously had a recovery code, it is no longer valid. Use this new code instead.


Here is a summary of what you've just completed:

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