Atomic Highway, the new release from L.A. mega rock band DC4 featuring Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint, Odin), Rowan Robertson (Dio, Bang Tango, Raiding The. Civilization came crashing down. Billions died.A new Dark Age has begun. The descendants of the apocalypse's survivors scavenge the remnants of the Before. Find great deals for Atomic Highway by Colin Chapman (, Paperback). Shop with confidence on eBay!


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Atomic highway detail of the system and the examples that are given all fall in line with the overall system and the setting and when I read it I found the examples made me want to know what happened next!


The d6 system is cutely nicknamed atomic highway V6 Engine which has an eye on cinematic style gaming rather than the more realistic simulation style so you can expect huge jumps and crashes, slow motion shooting scenes and essentially anything that looks cool to come to the fore.

They describe the use of this system very vividly with many examples scattered through the book giving atomic highway very clear indication of what is expected by the rules and play style.

DC4 to release 'Atomic Highway' album (CD) in September

Atomic highway creation is fairly presented atomic highway and falls into a simple system that allows you more than just a road warrior stereotype to play. In fact there are some great ideas of characters to play in theis game and you need not be a gas jockey at the wheel of a powerful vehicle.

You might be a atomic highway hunter, or a mutant killer, or a tribal warrior. There are so many to pick from and model your character after.

There are some nice rules that atomic highway the mutants, mutations and psychic abilities as well just to atomic highway the game a nice level of depth of play! There are rules that cover a nice bestiary of mundane and mutated creatures that you may happen across as you are out scavenging the wilderness.

Scavenging can be a big focus in game as atomic highway you scavenge can be traded for wanted equipment or vehicle upgrades. Differences from what you are used to: My instinct is that travel would be the focus, as opposed to atomic highway means to an end.

Free RPG’s Game Review: Atomic Highway

For Atomic Highway, the campaign would be the travel. Start by spending 18 points, one-for-one, across 7 attributes, three of which — Muscle, Atomic highway, and Toughness — determine your Health.

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Next, determine how your character was raised and what life path they have chosen. Each Rearing and Pursuit provides atomic highway set series of skill levels, clothing, and gear.

DC4 - Atomic Highway (September 14, ) Decibel Geek

You get some extra skill points to fill in any gaps, name your character, and go! We ended up with: We jump in with both feet as Kel is tracking down the people who killed and absconded with the rest of his nomad clan when he comes across IDK and Kalvin scavenging some ruins.

So, if they possess the appropriate Skill at Master level 5 you could add 2 points to atomic highway result, atomic highway 1 point to each of three others; or 1 point to each of five results; or all atomic highway points to a single result, or however else you want.


More Successes are better. Gunmetal Jane tries to leap over a wide pit.

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