Many archivists, especially those in the United States who are influenced by the thinking of Theodore Schellenberg, follow an inclusive definition of archives. An archive is an accumulation of historical records or the physical place they are located. Archives contain primary source documents that have accumulated over the course of an individual or organization's lifetime, and are kept to show the function of that person or organization. Video shows what archive means. A place for storing earlier, and often historical, material. An archive usually.


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Within the professional literature, archives are characterized by an organic nature, archive definition out of the process of creating and receiving records in the course of the routine activities of the creator its provenance.


In this sense, archivists have differentiated archives from artificial collections. Many archivists, archive definition those in the United States who are influenced by the thinking of Theodore Schellenberg, follow an inclusive definition of archives, which encompasses a wide variety of documents and records.

Schellenberg also distinguished between the primary and secondary value of the materials; only materials with secondary value, value beyond their original purpose, could be considered archival.

For Schellenberg, archivists appraise records for transfer to the archives on the basis of their secondary, research, evidential, or informational value. archive definition

Archive - definition of archive by The Free Dictionary

Other archivists follow the writing of Hilary Jenkinson, who argues that archives are 'documents which formed part of an archive definition transaction and were preserved for official reference. Because Jenkinson emphasized that records are evidence of transactions, he did not recognize any collections of historical documents as archives, although he noted that collections of personal papers were of value to historians because archive definition complemented archives.

Some United States archivists deprecate the use of the form 'archive' without the final s as a noun, but that form is common in other English-speaking countries. However, the noun 'archive' is commonly used to describe collections of backup data in information technology literature.

The differences that developed meant that the archive definition manuscripts tradition would remain linked to techniques of librarianship.

Archives | Society of American Archivists

Public archives, meanwhile, would develop along lines derived from European archival institutions where theory and practice had long been the object of archive definition discourse and refinement. Documents are all efforts to use data and information to capture knowledge.

Archive definition constitute transactional records within organizations. The word 'archives' comes from the Latin arca, originally meaning a place to store things, a box or chest.

What is archive? definition and meaning -

In English, we still find ark archive definition in this way, in phrases like 'Noah's Ark' and 'the Ark archive definition the Covenant.

Archival programs that collect records or personal papers, which may contain electronic media, find the new definition of record [as evidence of a business transaction] bewildering.

Personal papers may never show 'evidence' of 'business transactions,' but such archival sources provide a wealth of information needed for archive definition memory.

A true archives is a contextually based organic body of evidence, not a collection of miscellaneous information.

1. What are archives?

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