See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Birthright AD&D RPG collection. Join scarhy-caxcya1ql to create inspiring collections on eBay! The '''Birthright Campaign Setting''' is a set of rules and background information to be See Also: Birthright downloads (Reason: Add Tahliat's homebrew). Humans in the Birthright setting can come from 5 different cultures, thus adding a bit more Birthright was an aD&D campaign setting.


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But do not grow too content, for we have developed manv other evils for you to conquer.

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Look out for the awnsheghlien. No mere monsters are these. They are the Children of Azrai, the evil inheritors of a powerful bloodline.


Some of them are more than two thousand years old. In elvish, their name means "blood of darkness. This is mostly a world of human cultures. ad d birthright

Anuire is a domain much like medieval Europe; Khinasi is a medieval Arabian scene; Brechtiir has the feel of Renaissance Germany; Rjurik is a Russian Viking world; and Vosgaard is a domain of Mongol barbarians There's a LOT of stuff in this box.

Most often missing is the little fold-up box "War Chest" for the cards. The cards come in two packs, labeled "Set 2" and "Set ad d birthright - there is no Set 1.

Here sea means life, the city-state means power, and ad d birthright working of true magic is the most honorable profession of all.

Hill Cantons: Why did Birthright Fail?

The remnants of the ancient Masetian civilization keep watch over the new culture grown up in its place. The land's many ad d birthright lords, called awnsheghlien, keep watch too -- with a more sinister purpose in mind. This expansion to the Birthright ad d birthright setting contains: Tracts of untouched mountains and forests offer breathtaking vistas; riches in the form of trade goods and untapped magical sources lie quietly for those brave enough to seize control of them; extreme weather and hostile humanoids await their chance ad d birthright test any who might venture into these pristine lands.

The frozen north offers challenges and prizes beyond compare -- but only the most ambitious and stalwart will persevere!

Undisputed masters of the sea, the Brechts have carved out a niche as merchants, traders, and ad d birthright, avoiding imperialism of the Anuireans and the predations of the awnsheghlien.

The Brecht ports promise a steady flow of heroes, villains, goods, information, and oppurtunities.

Birthright Campaign Setting - Wikipedia

Whether characters are looking for adventure, a place to disappear, lands to conquer, or magic to control, they'll find it here ad d birthright if pirates, monsters, and double-crossers don't find them first! This expansion to the Birthright campaign setting includes: He'd combed the Krakennauricht for a week, searching for the Icedrake, and now he intended to run her to ground.

His lookouts had sighted the cog an hour after sunrise, beating her way into the bitter north winds. Van Riede had immediately turned in pursuit.

BIRTHRIGHT Campaign Setting

Now the cog was only three ad d birthright four cable lengths ahead and quickly racing into dangerous shallows. Van Riede smiled; the pirate vessel would have to turn and fight or run herself aground.


And ready a boarding party!

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