These great houses were presented by A-Cero Modular quite a while ago, in , but we simply couldn't leave them unviewed. A-Cero is a world-wide famous. A-cero have finished the first luxury modular houses, directed by Joaquin Torres A-cero architecture Studio, introducing a modular architecture. Modular Show House by A-cero in Coruña I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http.


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Directed by Joaquin Torres, A-cero has designed the modular architectural home based on the principles of the Industrialized Construction. The home features black tinted glass on its exteriors on all sides.

Proof to the previous being construction of a pilot home in Pozuelo de Alarcon Madrid with a cero modular simultaneous study of several orders.

Modular House by A-cero – MOCO LOCO

A-cero also offers the possibility of having your house fully furnished and equipped as wel as including a garden and a pool. A cero modular houses located in arectangularplotof 2,m2,where there are plentyof pines andoaks.

Since A-cero aims to preserve these Mediterranean species, the housing project pretendstolive with themso much so that both embrace in the facade.

The lowslope plot follows a cero modular existingurban parameters with the curving shapes characteristic of theStudio. The house is built of ventilated stone white marblereal cream combined with bamboo wood, giving it character and sobriety. Inside, the spaces are wide andfull of lightin every room of the house.


For the floor, A-cero chooses acreampolishedmarble for the living room and an Havannaoak for the bedrooms. Suggestive form sof architecture are introduced into the interior of a cero modular house thanks to afurniture design with plenty ofcurves.

New Modular Show House by A-cero in Coruña -

a cero modular We have to highlight the kitchen, with an A-cero design that follows the thread of the project. The finishingismade of wood and White Corian. The furniture in the house combines the A-cero designed ones with other elements chosen by the property, where simplicity and elegance are the general trend.


The white color, flooding theroom, is mixed with warmer tonesin brownsand grays. Top Architects Santiago Calatrava The distribution of the house is done in three levels. The first floor has three en suite bedrooms, while the ground floor a cero modular alarge living room,a guest toilet, kitchen with storage area, and a spacious master bedroom with dressing room.

A-Cero and modular construction |

In the basement floor is situated the garage, service area and other facilities. On the outside, A-cero respects the existing vegetation on the plotandmakes apool with changing room. The customer is the spanish leading brand Camper, devoted to the exhibition and sale a cero modular trendy shoes.

It will be its first store in Granada. The first important point is the use of the space, as a cero modular wide and useful place is needed.

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Each store that Camper opens has his own style and represents an event, depending, among other things, on the designer chosen for the project. Fotografia reform store Camper always looks for a new style and concept for their stores, making a different and special place. Benefiting from the same advantages, with production in factory and assembly on development plot, less time and more specialized labour, increase the results as far a cero modular quality and price, not comparable with the final product of traditional construction, demanding greater control a cero modular the initial phases of design, since absolutely everything must be designed and controlled beforehand, place for improvisation being non existent.

More specialized labour can increase productivity and quality as well as reducing the costs.

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